Human love – super romantic and amazing!

Getting right with God gives us a freedom we never knew existed


By Bruce Mewett

Sometimes it is hard to give up on something you love – especially when that impinges on your family or your life in so many different ways – even though you may love what you do, it may be detrimental to everything else.

I was so affected by family commitments and illnesses that I had to seriously reconsider what I should do to improve what I had and assist those I love when necessary.Even though, I seemingly, enjoyed what I did – I feel God had other plans for my life – these plans came hurtling out of the blue, bowling me over and changing the direction of my life entirely.

But when God is in charge of your life, His plans are best.

How about you?

How has your life been?

Has your life been changed in any way at all?

I can’t help thinking about the war in Ukraine or what is happening in Iraq and Iran.  Things again came hurtling out of the blue for these people changing their lives in so many ways.

Another horrible thing that has happened here in Australia is the flooding – through the long wet Autumn, the weather has been so so wet and so many people have lost their belongings, homes, and even family members – it’s been heart-rending – it really has.

It seems to me that disaster strikes throughout the world in so many different ways it’s mind-blowing, to say the least.  Not sure about you but it makes me wonder where it is all going and whatever will happen in the immediate future of this planet!

You know not one of us can or ever will be able to think and act like our Creator God – he is omnipresent, omnipotent, and perfect in every way – again I repeat that not one of us will ever be able to fathom His greatness or plans for this wayward planet of ours.

I reckon it all goes back to the very of creation when Adam and Eve, our forebears, decided to bring sin into the world – up till then the world was a perfect place – humming along in all of its beauty.

Many will say then why didn’t Creator God keep it like that?

Well, in my humble opinion, God wanted humankind to come to him in all openness, love, and faith, so He gave us all a will to decide what we were going to do with our lives – otherwise, we would have been like robots, waddling along doing as we were told and having no mind of our own.
That wasn’t what our Lord had in mind at all.

He wanted us to come to Him of our own accord, bringing with us love, patience with one another, kindness, humility, and a genuine love of our Father God above all else.

So how do we go about loving God? – Do we just say we love God and wham! there we go?

I feel that to be truly in love with our Lord then the first thing we should do is let’s see what it says in the Bible.

Jesus himself said – “you must love God the Father with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” (Mark 12:30)

We should be loving God more than we do our parents, and children, in fact, everything – God’s love is an all-embracing, amazing, and powerful love – something that is unheard of here on earth.

Our mortal love is great and wonderful and can be super romantic and amazing – yet God’s love and our love for Him even surpass this – so hard to even put into words.  His love for us never ever falters or fails.  So unlike our human kind of love. 

God IS love!  I know we would like to think that well “so are we” but you and I both know that there is no way we can show others continual and eternal love constantly because we are just that – we are human.

God Himself became flesh in Jesus and was crucified for our sins and in so doing paid the price for our sins.

Our lives are unfortunately sin-based but Jesus came to earth as a human and paid the ultimate price – through a hideous and torturous death to pay for our sins so that all of us who come to God in repentance and faith can accept Him as our Lord and God.

That love that Jesus showed that day far outstrips any human-type love that we show to others – His love is unconditional and absolutely something that no person here on earth can or ever could possess.

So what do we do to become a follower of Jesus, leaving all the yahoo of this crazy world behind and seeing Jesus for who He REALLY is – The only one who can wash us clean from all the yuk and dirt and bring us to His Creator Father. 

So what does repentance mean?  It means being sorry for all the stupid things we have done – those times when we hurt someone – became vengeful, set out to “get our own back,” maybe even hit out in all sorts of unique and different ways.  Even being adamant about how you live and will not be open to others’ suggestions and ideas – after all, you are in charge of your life and will live it according to your rules – everyone else should follow your example!

All sorts of ways we can separate ourselves from God and all of these myriad ways are called sin.  God is love and His love and mercy want us all, regardless of what we have done or who we have hurt, or even who we have slept with, to come to Him in unity and humility and of course repentance.

Once we have come to God and asked his amazing forgiveness, does that mean we will never fall into the same old traps again?  Of course not!  We are human after all and we will continue to make mistakes time and time again.

But the beautiful thing about asking God to lead us is that He will convict us of what we have done wrong and immediately we will need to put it right.  That may even involve asking forgiveness and even apologising to whoever we have hurt in the meantime (even if we may feel we are well and truly in the right here).

In saying all of that, getting right with God gives us a freedom we never knew existed – His love amazingly overrules everything that ever stands in our way – we are free to come to our Lord with anything and everything.  Even through the night, He stands with us regardless of what we have gone through, even the worries of the day that used to keep us awake at night – we can hand them over to our Lord.

Come to Him right now – it really doesn’t matter what your past has been – He will accept and love you no matter what.

Ask Him into your life and hand it over to Him.

God bless you this week.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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