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  • A Need To Fellowship

    Communication is vital to any healthy relationship. When we open our hearts and share our needs, hopes, desires, and fears with others we give intimacy permission to take root. Not only did God create mankind in His own image, but… Read More ›

  • Our Thought Life

    What do you think about as you drift off to sleep? What is the first thing on your mind when you wake up? (Besides coffee!) Do your thoughts cause anxiety or peace? Our thought life is an important matter as… Read More ›

  • Yearning for Christ

      God desires a personal relationship with all of His children. The Bible tells us that He seeks His sheep. He knows us intimately and enjoys our fellowship. Genesis 3:8 tells us that God walked in the Garden of Eden… Read More ›

  • Let Us Worship And Bow Down!

    Have you ever wondered why God created the universe? For what purpose did God create man? Was it because He was bored or lonely? Nope! Psalm 19:1-4 and Psalm 148:1-5 give us the answers. “The heavens declare the glory of… Read More ›

  • A Pure Heart

     Is a pure heart simply a heart free from sin? A lack of sinfulness is certainly a benefit obtained by maintaining a pure heart, but Biblical purity also encompasses a spiritual single-mindedness. An unwavering focus on God’s will and His… Read More ›

  • Working On The Sin Of Anger

      If you struggle with a quick temper you are not alone. Many of us have a short fuse. However, the Bible tells us that we should be slow to anger since human anger does not produce the righteousness that… Read More ›

  • A Cup Of Sweet Water

    Christ is our sweet water. He satisfies our thirst for love, justice, compassion, and understanding. He hydrates our spirit and maximizes our spiritual growth. Sweet water is not really sweet; it’s fresh water. Simply put: it is good to drink… Read More ›

  • Refuse Self-Pity

    Every person is born self-centered and is prone to practice self-pity. When we think life has not treated us as we deserve, self-pity is the result. It leads to complaints, murmuring, and bitterness. The biggest clue that self-pity is not… Read More ›

  • A Friendly Game Of Hide-And-Seek

    As children, we all enjoyed a good game of hide-and-seek. We would dash off searching for the perfect spot that would conceal our little bodies until the seeker finally conceded. Our goal was to remain hidden. God plays this well-loved… Read More ›

  • Seeds

    A single seed can do fantastic things! Yes, a small and undeveloped grain has the potential to feed many hungry souls, so long as we have the patience to let it grow. Seeds have the tenacity to survive in remarkable… Read More ›

  • Ways To Lose Your Peace

    One of the greatest gifts we have as children of the living God is inner peace. A peace that “transcends all understanding” is always available to us. Sadly, we often neglect to call upon it because we have been caught… Read More ›

  • Gaining the Characteristics Of Jesus

    Oswald Chambers is one of my favorite authors. I can always find a gem in his works to meditate on. The following quote encourages us to be more like Jesus. “It is the most natural thing to be like the… Read More ›

  • Let Iron Sharpen Iron!

      We should strive to be more like Jesus and who we hang with will influence in this goal. Jesus had an inner circle of friends. We can learn from His example. Our closest relationships should be with people who hold… Read More ›

  • Situations We Can’t Control

    The only way God can show us He is in control is to put us in situations we cannot control. We have little or no power over natural disasters, weather, death, the actions of others, aging, famine, and who is… Read More ›

  • God Equips Us!

    Has the Holy Spirit prompted you to do something outside of your comfort zone? Are you arguing with God over this idea, reminding Him that you do not have the necessary skills to move ahead? Why? We are not always… Read More ›

  • Treasure

    Jesus Christ is our treasure and our joy over finding this eternal treasure far surpasses the cost it takes to obtain it. The Christian life requires a different perspective than the politically correct and worldly view found on earth. As… Read More ›

  • God's Perfect Will and Timing

    God is never late. He is always on time. He has specific plans for each one of us and He has a perfect timeline in which to accomplish them. Elisabeth Elliot understood this as she wrote: “When our plans are… Read More ›

  • Prodigals

    Luke 15 speaks of God’s forgiveness and unconditional love in three different parables. The story of the prodigal son is as applicable today as when Jesus first spoke it to the scribes and Pharisees complaining about the company He kept…. Read More ›

  • Love God With Your WHOLE Heart

    We are called to love God with our ENTIRE HEART, not just a portion of it. With God, it is all or nothin’. Believers cannot say, Here Lord, I’ve reserved this little section of my heart just for You. Nope!… Read More ›

  • Lay Aside Your Fear

    Can you imagine happiness and fear embracing each other like friends? Fear is a bully and would never offer an embrace of camaraderie. Instead, fear works to sow doubt, confusion, anxiety, and unrest. There is no peace when fear is… Read More ›

  • Build Others Up In Christ!

    The very first Christians expected to suffer. Jesus warned them that they would flogged, hated, and persecuted because, “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” 2 Timothy 3:12 (NKJV) By the early second… Read More ›

  • Why Memorize Scripture?

    There are many reasons why Christians should memorize Scripture. What first jumps into my mind is our desire to know the one we love. In worldly relationships, we want to spend all of our time with a newfound friend/love. We… Read More ›

  • We Are The Fragrance Of Christ!

    When God created Adam and Eve, I believe His intention was to give them the capacity to enjoy the world He had created. The garden they were placed in probably had numerous fragrant flowers and plants, which must have provided… Read More ›

  • A Prisoner for Christ

    Prisoners are captives. Labeled guilty for some transgression, they are incarcerated. Held against their will with personal freedoms revoked, they are at the mercy of their jailer. Although considered blameworthy, many prisoners are innocent of the evil they have been… Read More ›

  • God's Voice

    The Bible tells us that believers can hear the voice of God. We recognize it, not so much as an audible voice but as an inner knowing. We perceive and grasp when our Master speaks. “My sheep hear My voice,… Read More ›