Keeping a Proper Perspective

So I had some issues this morning at work. I was really irritated that I had to go do something that had already been done by two other people! Why in the world should I have to waste time doing something over when I could be being productive instead? I admit I was more then a little upset about this, and this kind of thing happens all to often.

As I was on my way to the customer’s home, out of nowhere came thoughts about the Philippines…the very recent earthquakes. I have a friend there who posted on her blog about this (Joyce de vivre) earthquake and was actually in it. There is of course much damage and people have been killed.

Actually I know where the thoughts came from. The Holy Spirit sent them to me, I instantly felt so convicted…here I am so angry about some insignificant little thing, and there are people dying. Loved ones can’t be found; buildings and roads are gone. Bridges are damaged, rescue efforts are slow because of damage to roads and bridges…and I was so upset over something so trivial.

I prayed again for the Philippines and the people there, overwhelmed with the feeling that they are suffering and need our prayers…and by the fact that I need to keep a proper perspective on what is important in life.

If the only thing you do today is to put your life into proper perspective…you will have accomplished much.

Please pray for the Filipino people who have suffered devastation yet again.

Thank you

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  1. It’s strange how easily we can develop a complaining spirit, while other people in these countries suffer with such dignity. Thanks for this message!

  2. Praying already for the Phillipine people. Wonderful of you to share your gaining perspective on your day and your humdrum tasks. Now you are celebrating the presence of “humdrum”, I am certain. Hallelujah.

  3. It has been rough for the people in the Phillippine Islands these past couple of months. My heart goes out to them. I hope and pray that they will find comfort in Christ.

    Thanks for sharing my brother.

  4. Greg, thanks for touching my heart with your post. May I have that kind of perspective each day from our Lord. 🙂

    Thank you for your prayers! (regarding my post about the earthquake) We are safe and sound in God’s arm here in Cebu. Though we are saddened by the continous havoc it brought to our sister city (Gihulngan, Negros), we are constantly watching and praying to God that our fellow countrymen will find to call on the true God here in my country. Thank you also for always supporting me here. God bless you! 🙂

  5. I think that most of us, at some point or another, get so involved in our own lives, we forget how blessed we truly are and how there are many others living in worse situations. Wonderful post, Greg. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  6. How blessed we are. Thank you for reminding me of the blessings we all enjoy, and of all the people who are impoverished, dying and hurting in this world.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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