How our Faith Walk should be

I came across a really awesome video today, actually it came in an email to me from a friend at church. I decided I wanted to share it with all of you who visit here on Believing God Today.

Then it hit me, there is a simple lesson to be learned along with this so cool video of a Bald Eagle. As you watch this eagle and what it is doing you will see it is very tenacious in it’s pursuit of the prey. (no you won’t see anything at all disturbing)

As the Bald Eagle was very tenacious in its approach to what it was doing, so we need to approach our walk with Christ. Be tenacious…don’t give up. Put some effort into your pursuit of Christ. The Lord will help you, but you need to be willing to do your part. Jesus will not come where He is not welcomed with open arms. If you refuse to do your part, reading the Word, worship, making appropriate changes in your life etc…even though the Holy Spirit lives in you upon conversion, you won’t get far in your walk with Him. An eagle’s primary focus in life is on obtaining food and shelter. Without those two items, they will die. Our primary focus needs to be on God, without Him…we will die. the rest He will provide for us.

Don’t waste your energy pursuing the things of the world. Instead pursue God first, then God will bless you with those things of the world that we all need to live.

Watch this video, it’s unlike anything I have ever seen!

The eagle makes several passes before it starts swimming – So stay with it.

Ever See An Eagle Do The Breast Stroke?
This footage was taken at Mallard Lakes subdivision in Baton Rouge .
Someone had shot a nutria, and it was floating dead in the water.
I can’t believe what this eagle did to bring that nutria in.
I never saw an Eagle doing a breast-stroke before. Registered & Protected

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  1. I very much celebrate eagles as marvelous parts of God’s creation! They keep their eye ALWAYS on the prized–which is exactly what we human members of God’s family on earth should be doing. CryOne is a great vehicle for helping us keep a focused eye on the spiritual prizes we may be in danger of losing.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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