Only believing in what you can see?

“I only believe in what I can see, feel, touch or eat” that was a statement I received just recently. And I guess it pretty much sums up everything we have been taught over the past generations.
Science tells us not to put our belief in anything that can’t be proved – only trust the tangible!

It’s so interesting to note that verse in Luke 18:8 when Jesus Himself says “When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on earth?’ Open to much discussion.
The way the world is going today our ‘faith’ in God comes under much scrutiny sarcasm and derision. It amazing how closely the prophesies of the Scriptures line up with today’s attitude on faith and belief in Christ and the church.
Jesus tells us plainly in Luke 21 and Matthew 24 just some of the signs that will herald His coming back to earth.
Jesus tells us in Luke 21:26 “People will faint from terror: apprehensive of what is coming on the world” and honestly, what has happened in Syria, Paris, Afghanistan, Iraq – that is exactly what is happening.
Our world lives in terror! “There will be wars – but it is not the end.” Jesus said so Himself – earthquakes and famines everywhere – people turning against each other – brother against brother – it’s happening right here right now!
There will be many deceiving the nations, many will follow the path to destruction – all predicted – all happening!
So many enemies of God – so many enemies of our faith.  So where/what is faith?
Because our world is so opposed and is so much in denial and contra-faith in God, Jesus reveals what we need to know to counteract those in opposition and to use our gift of faith to grow in Him.
The very epitome of Christianity is our Faith – without faith we cannot please God. (Hebrews 11:6)
Faith isn’t just a ‘nice thing to have’ in our lives – it is ESSENTIAL if we want to have a REAL relationship with God. Faith is a mandatory and imperative step we need to have and take when we first come to Christ.
Faith is SO important that without it we can’t possibly come to Christ at all.
There are many many examples of faith in the Bible. many listed in Hebrews in the so-called “faith chapter” (Hebrews 11). We read here of amazing things done because of faith.
My personal way of looking at faith is believing God and His Word over anything you may see, hear, feel or experience. Faith is so much more than a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling – it is a strong and steadfast belief in the Creator God and the amazing work of Christ on Calvary all those years ago.
Just recently I read the horrific story of a young 12 year old lad and his father kidnapped by the evil ISIS. The father, a Christian and believer was asked to revert and deny Christ. He refused and was tortured brutally – when he still wouldn’t deny his Lord they tortured his son in front of him, finally crucifying them both.
We see reading this horrible and brutal account of the strength of faith here in our world – right here right now. So much more than lip service, bells and steeples and waving incense down church aisles.
Faith is real and tangible – changing peoples lives for good and eternity.
Our mere human brains can’t possibly take in the magnitude of FAITH. It effects us spiritually and emotionally – an amazing gift from God, the very SOURCE of faith in the first place.
“For by grace you have been saved through FAITH, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.”
So let’s not be swayed by so-called experts in the scientific fields who tell us we must prove before we believe – rather let’s be bold and courageous, asking God with confidence to impart to us His amazing gift of Faith.
Of course after we have faith given by the very grace of God, we turn to the cross where we repent and ask forgiveness for our sins. Another incredible gift from Him.
God bless you as you step out in faith this week, relying on Him to supply all of your needs. Be confident in God’s love, be content with what you have and be courageous and steadfast in your witness for Him

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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