A new look at STRUGGLES

I hate struggling – I just wish life would go along so smoothly and that everything just fell into line like it should and there was no real problems to face – no one being hurt – no family breakups – no money worries – no job losses.
Often it seems to me that we lurch from one crisis to another in this world and we no sooner solve or seemingly solve one problem that another one looms on the horizon only to knock us down once again – so I hate struggles.keyboard-824317_960_720
I hate it when my children and grandchildren are heartbroken over something that overwhelms them – I hate that we can’t solve all the problems that come our way and I hate that I can’t make our problems disappear entirely for everyone.
Struggles!! They overwhelm us so often that we can so easily give up the struggle. – We feel our life is just not worth carrying on, that our life really is just worthless
Often struggles are due to people. People who oppose our ideas. People who put us down, who dislike what we stand for and try all sorts of different ways to control or manipulate us.
Our very own negative emotions can dictate to us how we struggle with life and what the outcome can be in our walk here on earth.
If we give into these negative emotions and let them consume us and tell us that we are indeed worthless then we will eventually believe them and start to react accordingly. We give up on our struggles and let them destroy our families and our well being
In Philippians 1 Paul tells of his struggles and says that we mustn’t be worried or afraid of any opponents that cause us to struggle because in the end it is they who will be destroyed not us.
It’s a pretty comforting chapter really because it doesn’t matter who or what opposes you and causes you to struggle it is actually a sign to them that they will be destroyed BUT you will be saved.
WOW!! So we shouldn’t be intimidated by our struggles, or by those people or things that cause our struggles. Why? because it is a very BIG sign that you will indeed be saved through your very struggles.
Satan tries so hard to bring us down though our struggles. Our struggles which we take as so very hard and are eventually going to destroy us is actually a good thing because through them we know for sure that we will be delivered.
The struggles we thought were going to destroy us will eventually deliver us. If Satan was going to destroy us through our struggles he would have succeeded by now BUT NO! we are still here. Yes we may be struggling and Yes we may be wondering and doubting but Satan has no control over us not even through our struggles.
We need to move forward with God through our struggles no matter what they are.  Remembering that our struggles are sign that we are indeed fighting against a real power, an evil power in this world and through our struggles we gain our fitness to move forward with Jesus.
Through our struggles God will lead us to a greater level of faith and through that faith to an amazing hope a hope that brings us to the very feet of Jesus to claim victory over of the very struggles that are pulling us down at this moment.
So where are you with your struggles? Are they pulling you down and ready to destroy you. Or are you rejoicing in your struggles realising that they are a sure sign that you are fighting the good fight, prepared and ready for the battle?
God is preparing a great victory for us if we can fight to the end. The enemy is defeated! If he hadn’t been then we would surely have fallen by this time but NO we are still here fighting on in the name of the one who saved us.
Let’s take heart in our struggles and recognise them for what they are,  a sign that we are indeed in the great battle of the King.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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