Grace Abounds

“Many are lost by their own doing. They refuse to follow the One who can and will fulfill their hearts. Traditions, in so many countries, hinder growth. Traditions become idols and God is a jealous God. Those who follow the… Read More ›

Cosmic killjoy!

God has taken lots of bad raps throughout history. He has been labelled and ridiculed as being unfair, bizarre, foolish, preposterous and ludicrous. He has been assumed to be conceited, egotistical, imperious, lofty and even narcissistic. Yet, I reckon one… Read More ›

I Need an Intervention

Confession: I worry about my kids. Three beautiful young adult kids. I fear for them, for their future, for their health, for their relationships, and for each one different things in different areas. Sometimes I am consumed with fear and… Read More ›