The Recipe for Misery

MARCH 27 “…remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Acts 20:35 Unhappiness comes from mirrors. Happiness comes from windows. If you want to be miserable, then think… Read More ›


by Neil Anderson December 28 Philippians 2:3  Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself. Once when I was pastoring I got a distress… Read More ›

The BIG Shake

 The BIG Shake!   I have read lately from 1 John and in Chapter 2 and verse 16 it says (in the expanded version of the Bible) “These are the ways of (all that is in/associated with) the world: wanting… Read More ›

The Gimme's

Our society makes it so easy to abandon responsibility. Tired of your job – then walk away ! Up to your neck in bills – then declare bankruptcy! Tired of your family – then leave – abandon them – walk… Read More ›

Selfless love

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Love is an awesome thing. We all desire love and to be loved. Love has a not so good side to it as well. Why do we love, what is the reason behind it? Many things are… Read More ›