The Gimme's

Our society makes it so easy to abandon responsibility.

Tired of your job – then walk away ! Up to your neck in bills – then declare bankruptcy! Tired of your family – then leave – abandon them – walk away the world says – you are the master/mistress of your own destiny – your responsibility ends with you and you alone.

Christmas is upon us once again – time to spend what we haven’t earned and buy what we can’t afford – all as long as “we are OK” – the world can keep on spinning –
I can do what I like as long as I am happy, after all I can do what I want when I want and how I want I don’t have to answer to anyone because I am the centre of my universe I, I, I, I….  ad nauseam

Consumerism and the “ME FIRST” attitude  declare loud and clear their own “Christmas message”  – Spend and you will be happy!!

The acquisition of ‘things’ all designed to stir up in our hearts and minds just what will make us/me/I  ‘happy’ – and pleased with myself – the accolades of others in the family when they see just how much “I” spent on them how much food “I” was able to provide and just how  big “MY” Christmas tree is PHEW!!

The “Gimme Gimme Gimme – ME FIRST” attitude only fuels a selfishness which can lead to the abandonment of family, jobs and security.

The Bible is full of stories that help us recognise the damage a “ME FIRST” attitude can do – to others and to ourselves.

Taking responsibility for others in our care, for those we love, putting them and others ahead of us in everything we do and everywhere we go is how God originally programmed us to be – That is the very reason He sent His Son to die for us on Calvary – to show His love to a hostile and “ME CENTRED” earth.

Paul refers to selfishness or “ME FIRST” as “empty conceit” – a term that I reckon could be translated as “Vanity” or “arrogance”. However you see it, the term obviously refers to an overly high opinion of oneself. “ME FIRST”, then is akin to narcissism, and there is no room for that in the Christian’s life.

Selfishness or “ME FIRST” is really only empty conceit. The “ME FIRST” attitude or selfishness caused the children of Israel to “willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved”. They wanted that food more than anything – where they happy when they got it? NO! They wanted more – the more they got the more they wanted.

It’s the same with us today, we are so focused on “US” that we can so easily forget what it cost Jesus to save us from this very problem of “ME FIRST”.

The very opposite of “ME FIRST” is found in Philippians 2:2 “Being united with Christ, having tenderness and compassion, being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.”

So this Christmas – let’s see if we can whack the old ‘ME FIRST’ – smack it right out of the door.
Let’s be sure we know where our treasure is.

As Christians we should hold the things of this world loosely because we are, when all is said and done, laying up our “Treasures in Heaven”

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