The most powerful force on earth: Words

Some people would name a particular weapon (nuclear bombs?) as the most powerful weapon on earth, and to a point that is correct for obvious reasons. Some might even name death as the most powerful force. Death is a powerful force to be sure, but far from the most powerful.

When death claims a person, well there will be no more suffering here on earth anyway. Bombs and guns and other things kill, they cause pain and suffering. Usually one will heal from these things unless the obvious happens and a person is killed. Yes the pain may be substantial, and may even be long lasting.

Be that as it may…all things pale in comparison to the force of words. Think back in your own life for a moment, what are some of your most powerful memories connected to? I am willing to bet words were involved, both good and bad.

If a person was lets say physically abused, well as terrible as that is…the pain goes away and the bruises heal. I do not want to minimize physical abuse, this is very serious and can be deadly.

Still, all things considered, what sticks with you the most are words. Words have tremendous power to hurt, and the hurt can and does often far outlast physical pain. Some of the most painful memories I have revolve around words.

Children especially will remember the negative hurtful words much more than the positive ones that are spoken to them. As a rule we tend to remember the hurtful words more than the positive ones, this is just our human nature. 8-10 positive affirmations are needed to overcome one negative.

The words we speak can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life, especially the negative ones. Many people will tell you about words spoken to them by a parent that stuck with them for life. Because a person chooses to forgive does not mean the pain just disappears.

When speaking to others, emailing, posting on Facebook, and tweeting on Twitter…choose the words you use with care. Even things said innocently may cause pain, be careful what you say. In our discussions with others, especially our Christian brothers and sisters…we need to be mindful of what words we say, or write.

Is this worth saying? Is this worth writing? Might these words hurt even though I don’t mean to? Is this argument worth the pain it might cause? Do I really need to be right? At what cost to my brother or sister?

Understand folks…I am not pointing fingers here. Matter of fact, to be honest I recently offended and hurt a very good friend of mine. I will not name names of course, but I am truly sorry to have done this, it was not intentional. It was this occurrence that prompted the writing of this post.

Just please…be careful in your choice of words. Think on this a moment if you will…wars are started how? Words. Marriages end why? Words. Friendships are destroyed how? Words. Peoples’ reputations are destroyed how? Words.

Pictures are worth a thousand words they say, I say that is not true. Words can completely and totally destroy a person, can even cause a person to commit suicide.

Words can also build a person up and change who they are for the good. Look at how you have changed due to the words of Jesus Christ.

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7 replies

  1. One of the best pieces written.

  2. Excellent piece. Words are powerful! God created the Earth by His Word. He gives the same aWesome power to us. We must be very careful about what words we use, but even more careful with the words we hear or listen to. Why? Because God gave us one mouth but 2 ears! 🙂 What we take IN produces what we put out! Keep writing! You write like my brother. His blog is http://www.writeinmyheart. You may find it interesting. He is coming out with a book very soon too. 🙂 God Bless!

  3. As one who suffered all four forms of abuse for the first 22 years of my life, I would say without any hesitation that the verbal abuse (mental and emotional abuse) was the worst and also that it took the longest time to recover from. In fact, while completely recovered from the other forms of abuse, I would say there is still evidence of personality traits are a result of that abuse.

    Even though it is more than 50 years since I last heard those abusive words, I can still “hear” them just as clearly as I did every day for so many years – and they still have an effect on me.

    Thankfully, I can still “hear” many other GOOD words spoken over the years by many other people, and I praise God for the blessings of His living Word which speaks volumes of love, peace, joy, and promise.

  4. Excellent article about words and gives us some great insights to reflect on. Thank you for sharing with us and assisting us to realize just how POWERFUL words really are… Amen! They certainly can cause hurt that is deep within for a very long time and it is so difficult for healing to come forth.

    • Thank you Pastorht. 🙂 It is far to easy to wound those we care about with a careless word or words spoken in anger. May we all learn to moderate our words better…including me for sure.

      God bless

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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