God IS in the detail

You know ~ our God is amazing! The older I get the more and more I see His hand in everything I do and all creation around meflower-22674__340
For years and years now I have struggled on and off, trying to do the things and live the life that I figured was better for my family and me. Did it bring me satisfaction and fulfilling? In a way I can say that it has but in lots of ways sadly I can say that it hasn’t.
Through all of my clever planning and thinking, my scheming and organising, things often went pear-shaped and out of all proportion.
Yes! things don’t always pan out as we plan.
When I struggled with the little things in life ~ you know those little annoying things ~ those things that so easily ~ get under our skin, did I take them to God ~ did I hand them over to Him ~ Did I even trust Him to look after them and show me direction? NO! I didn’t and why?
Because I figured that God had so much more to do in this crazy world that He really couldn’t be bothered looking into the little often frustrating titbits of my puny life.
Let me tell you something that I found out ~ something really important and that is OUR GOD IS IN THE DETAILS of your life ~ he wants you to share EVERYTHING with Him. He is our Creator God ~ he knew you before you were conceived and he has a mighty plan for your life if you let Him.
When we are faced with gigantic problems ~ when our world turns upside down for no apparent reason ~ when a member of our family has cancer and is dying slowly and painfully ~ these things are huge and we pray BIG prayers and so we should ~ God has told us to bring them to Him and He in His mercy will see us through them. We may never be spared the pain ~ we may never see a miracle of wondrous healing as some have BUT He will give us the strength to see it through.
But, God isn’t just a God of the BIG and GIGANTIC ~ I have learned that He is also the God of the little and of those insignificant things that beset us daily!
When you analyse it most of our lives are in the little things:- Where should we live? Which Doctor should I go to? I’m frustrated with sleeplessness ~ what should I do? Education for our kids ~ where do we go from here? When we get lost in the car.
All of these and heaps more are such LITTLE things when compared to what is happening in our world BUT God does care and He is here with us ~ even in the micro.
When you think about ~ when Jesus was on earth, he was interested in the peoples lives. He healed the sick, he touched the lepers, the ostracised, the unclean. He made a friend of those who were weak and looked down on.
Jesus was interested in people and their individual problems. he showed compassion in feeding the people ~ the little things that truly mattered!
Our whole lives are made up of ‘little’ things and God cares about us ~ and if He cares about US then he cares about the tiny, micro things that are in and make up our lives
I have learned a BIG lesson in the LITTLE things in my life.
Take EVERYTHING to God in prayer and trust Him to get you through it ~ I honestly am amazed by the way he has seen me though some of the THE most frustrating times of my life. He has shown me a way of escape, calmed my anxiety and helped me continue when I thought I had completely failed.
He will see you through ~ His promises never fail.
God bless you this week as you turn to Him in the BIG and LITTLE things in life

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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