Yesterday’s Gone

Nick Vujicic is a literally a walking miracle!!!  I say that because Nick was born without arms or legs – he tried to drown himself when he was just 10 years old – can you believe that? – fortunately for us he couldn’t do it – GOD HAD A PLAN FOR HIS LIFEFB_IMG_1514071073070
He has such a remarkable testimony he is so sure that just a glimpse of Jesus can change a life so much – when you are broken and really in despair – Give your all to Jesus – He can take you through each day – If you hold on to Jesus your yesterdays are gone and forgotten, along with your guilt along with your shame along with your hopelessness and despair.
With Jesus He will help you start all over again when you are broken – Here is the link to his song and testimony – I pray that it will help you as much as did me
Jesus will capture your heart in a very special way and if your testimony is anything like mine your heart will need capturing in a big way – I was such a slave to sin.
Yet Jesus turned me around – I had wondered far and wide and turned my back on the precious Lord Jesus who shed His blood for me on the dark but beautiful day on Calvary all those years ago.
God is my refuge in my storms – He is far beyond the ocean waves and when I go through the raging times I will not be overcome I am not afraid. God is with me all the time. God keeps His promises – and I know He will see me through.
God has won the battle and he is beside me at all times and he knows the battles I face and he will definitely see me through.
You too can have this amazing certainty in your life too. Changing hearts is really up to God and if we as offenders come to God in true repentance then He will turn us completely around and make us into new creations washed clean by His shed blood.
In Isaiah 43 and verse 25 God says through Isaiah very plainly that He blots out our sins/transgressions and he chooses to forget our sins entirely. It is most interesting because God is almighty and created the world of course He CHOOSES not to remember – Amazing you must agree.
God’s amazing forgiveness helps us to ‘put to bed’ finally, our past whatever our past entails. God choosing to forget our past enables us to move ahead stepping out with Him and having Him to guide wherever he would take us.
God could so easily treat us all as we deserve but instead He gave us a way out and sent Jesus to be our penalty payer and in Psalm 103 and verse 12 He tells us exactly how far he has removed our past from us – look it up it is unmeasureable.
Does this mean that we no longer sin when we become His? Unfortunately no – we still have that old self living inside of us but like so many recorded in the Bible we can forget what is behind us and step out boldly with God knowing He will not only forgive us but He chooses to forget our sins and put them behind His back.
With God you can live every day just as He has ordained for your life – you can put behind you the past with your sins and foibles – you can move ahead into a new life with Jesus.
In Philippians 3:13 Paul tells how he and we can forget what is behind and we can look forward to what lies ahead – what a great encouragement is that! YESTERDAY IS GONE and with Jesus beside us we can take each day as it comes to us with all of it’s troubles and woes with all of its happiness and love in fact anything that this world dishes out to us.
Once we have repented of past sins and failures, no matter what they are, God, in His mercy and love and forgiveness will not hold us accountable for any of them.
Sure we mess up – I am the King of mess ups, but I know that God forgives me and washes me clean each and every time. I praise Him for that. This is another reason that SueAnn and I love writing because we both want to proclaim EXACTLY what Christ has done for us and He can do EXACTLY the same for you!
Make today a very special day in your life. Repent of your past sins and turn to Jesus right now.
In fact if you pray a prayer, from your heart and honestly mean it in your own words, something like this:-
Dear Lord, today I ask that you forgive my past
Please take my life and help me to step out with you
Lord I confess you as Lord and Saviour
Fill me with your spirit and make me your child
Help me when I mess up to come to you knowing that you love me
Thank you for your forgiveness.
Once again my beautiful friend from Lubbock Texas – Felicia Galey has inspired me to include a song from my friends in the Solomon Islands called  ‘One day at a Time’.
May God go with you this week as He and you put your past well and truly where it belongs – in the  past. And know for sure that God in His love will choose to forget and forgive

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  1. Thank you brother Bruce. This blog speaks direcrly to the world I must leave behind.
    Currently I am reading “Don’t Look Back” by Lisa Singh, as part of my daily reading plan. I thank the Lord for the confirmation He has given me in the words of encouragement through your blog.
    Bless you and Sue-Ann brother.
    PS even iif you live in a world upside down!-)

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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