Outside the Four Walls

By Rob Pue

I attend a lot of Christian Ministry Conferences — and I also organize and host at least one large event each year.  For the past several years, I have put together TWO large Conferences each year.  When I plan a Conference or Ministry event, it is not your typical “church conference.”  Our events have a PURPOSE and a PLAN.  It’s not a mere exercise in vain religion or a “feel good” experience or a Christian rock concert.

We bring in speakers who provide the real MEAT that so many true Christ-followers are searching for today.  We discuss the topics that, for reasons I’ve discussed many times before, are “off limits” in most modern American churches — topics involving the great evils we are facing every day in our culture, but which most pastors — and most churches — and most “CHRISTIAN” CONFERENCES — would not touch with a ten foot pole.  Topics like the plague of Islam, the heretical mixing of Islam and Christianity into a hideous, demonic thing now known as “Chrislam.”  We discuss openly the cancer of the LGBTQP+ monstrosity that is overtaking our world and twisting the minds of our young people.  Not to mention the scourge of the shedding of the innocent blood of precious babies in (and now even OUTSIDE) the womb that we, as the Modern American “church” have allowed to continue for nearly 50 years now.

But we don’t just sit and complain about these issues.  We always provide practical solutions and an ACTION PLAN — providing those who attend with real-life things THEY CAN DO to push back against the tide of evil that is growing in our land — and make a real difference.  Our speakers teach people how to boldly stand up for the truth of God’s Word — how to be the Salt and Light Jesus called us to be.  You know… the REAL “Church” body of remnant believers that Jesus assured us the gates of hell would not prevail against.  We teach people practical ways to BE that true Church.

One of our annual events includes Conference speakers and teachers along with a ton of educational resources that people can take home with them and use and share with others, as they draw closer to Christ and take seriously the commission He commanded us to carry out.  These are resources for learning and study.  Not simply for the sake of “head knowledge,” but rather to teach us to be true DISCIPLES.

At our OTHER annual event, we not only have speakers, but then after the teaching time, we LEAD THE PEOPLE OUT of the facility where the Conference meets, and we go to the streets.  There, as we lead by example, people learn how to share their testimony, how to witness to the lost, how to intercede at abortion centers (and YES, we HAVE saved babies and seen some of these abortion centers close down forever because of our being there) and how to share a biblical worldview with those who have — in most cases — never heard such things ever before in their lives.

In addition to the events that I organize and host, my wife and I also travel and attend conferences and events in other areas, all over the country, as often as we are able, and as we can afford to do so.  We are very selective as to which events we will take part in, because we do not want to waste our time.  If we’re going to learn, we want to make sure we will be learning something SUBSTANTIAL.  And if we are going to do ministry, we want to make sure it will be ministry that will be SERIOUS and EFFECTIVE and FRUITFUL.  We join with other, serious, like-minded ministers from all over the country, who we have met and work with regularly.  It’s a “remnant” — but there are more of us than you may think, and our numbers are growing, as more Christians are growing and becoming more serious about their faith and realizing that “church as usual” just is no longer enough.

Last summer, we were at the oldest abortion center in Ohio.  We were among a group of about 100 ministers on the street outside that killing facility.  This is a day I will never forget, because it was the first time that I was personally involved DIRECTLY in saving the life of a baby.  If you’ve ever done this type of ministry, you know how difficult it is to get the opportunity to actually SPEAK directly with the women and men going into these places.  Primarily because they are heavily guarded; and the police protect the killers — not those of us who go to try to stop the murders.  Evil is protected, while the PROTECTORS are considered “dangerous.”   So, as the women arrive to have their babies killed, the minute they get out of their vehicles, they are immediately surrounded by “death-scorts” — like VULTURES these workers of iniquity surround the young women on every side and shout in their ears loudly, so that OUR words cannot be heard as they walk them as quickly as possible into the building — before they have any opportunity to change their minds.

But on this particular day, one car stopped in the middle of the alley, and the young man rolled his window down to talk with us.  I immediately took that opportunity and stuck my head right inside their car, looked them straight in the eyes, and the Holy Spirit gave me the exact words they needed to hear.  The couple did not really WANT to abort their baby, but thought they had no other choice.  My heart broke when they then parked, got out and as usual, were surrounded by the vultures and taken quickly inside.

But ten minutes later, they came OUT!  They came out and talked with us, and THEY CHOSE LIFE!  I will never forget that day, because I am certain that the Lord used ME (yes, little, plain old ME) to save that baby’s life!   The parents’ names were Sedrick and Kaisha.  They came to speak with us and learned that we were not the hateful bigots the “death-scorts” and abortionists portrayed us as.  Quite the opposite.  They learned WE were there to offer help and hope:  financial assistance, housing, medical care, help with education, pre-natal and post-natal care — whatever they might need was readily available and offered to them lovingly.  We also shared the Gospel of Christ with them.  They came to see that WE were there to serve and minister to their needs in a kind and loving way; while the abortionists and their cohorts were there simply to kill — for blood money.  Sedrick and Kaisha’s baby is about a month old now.  Praise the Lord!

Over the past few years, we have also gone to numerous sodomite “pride” parades and festivals.  These are the most offensive, disgusting, hideous sights one will likely ever encounter, as they parade, and dance and celebrate and simulate deviant sex acts in broad daylight to the delight of a half million on-lookers.  But these events are also the places where we have had the opportunities, MANY TIMES, to engage people in serious conversations about God and His natural order.  FRIENDS, YOU CANNOT DO THIS SITTING INSIDE YOUR CHURCH AND JUST PRAYING SOMETHING WILL CHANGE ALL THIS!  YOU HAVE TO GO!   And so we do.  As distasteful and ugly as it is, we actually GO to those gates of hell — and represent Christ.  And you know what?  Those hellish gates have not YET prevailed against us!  Not once!

It is deeply troubling to see so many — especially so many high school and college age young people — with confused, twisted minds and tormented souls.  Having spent years in government indoctrination centers known as the Public School Systems, these young people have been encouraged to experiment with deviant sexual behaviors.  Some even believe (having been recruited by the militant LGBTQP+ demoniacs) that they are truly meant to live as the opposite of their biologial gender.  Such confusion of mind.  Such tormented souls.   So much DECEPTION, so many LIES.  So much DEMONIC DELUSION.

But in GOING OUT to the streets where these events take place, we have seen, many times, much fruit from our efforts.  I recall one instance where we were at a sodomite “pride” parade, proclaiming God’s Word on the street and seeking to strike up conversations with people in the crowd.  A young woman approached me, with about five of her friends.  She was living as a practicing lesbian, and I would guess her age to be about 21 years old.  She and her friends came to attack our group.  Yes, physically attack us.  They came at us with the intent to hurt us — badly.

But by the grace of God, the Holy Spirit ONCE AGAIN gave me the words to speak that she needed to hear.  As I began to speak and explain how she and so many other young people had been lied to and deceived, her entire countenance began to change.  Her group stopped attacking us, and she (apparently the leader of the group) wanted to hear more.  I took her aside, away from the loud, noisy crowds at the parade, and we sat down on the grass some distance away, and we had a conversation.  I shared some things from Scripture, and also explained the AGENDA behind the LGBTQP+ movement… And as I spoke, tears began to well up in her eyes.  She knew that she was hearing the real TRUTH… perhaps for the first time in many, many years.    Meanwhile, her friends were still there, surrounding us and listening intently.

We spoke for about a half hour, and then, with tears in her eyes, she (AND HER FRIENDS) thanked me for being so kind to them, for telling them the truth… and then she said, “I think I have a lot to think about now.”  And then she — and her friends — LEFT the parade and went home.  I still pray for her today.

This is what Jesus called His Church to do… to be salt and light in a dark and wicked world.  To OCCUPY until He comes — not to bury the “talents” He has entrusted to us, but rather to invest them for His kingdom.  Sadly, often our biggest obstacles are regular church-goers and professing Christians who view us as “radicals.”  In fact I once had a pastor verbally attack me and call me a name.  Want to know what he called me?  He called me an “Activist Christian,” and he meant it in a derogatory way.  It was hard for me to comprehend his thinking…. “as opposed to WHAT?” I thought…. “being an INactive Christian?”  Yes, that is what he would prefer.

You see, we have come to a place in America — and the world — today, where Christians who actually DO what the Bible TELLS US SPECIFICALLY TO DO are now considered “radical,” “weird,” or “fanatics.”  Is it any wonder, with so many simply “doing church” inside the four walls of their buildings, and doing nothing more, nothing of any substance, that the world is SO UTTERLY DELUDED, TWISTED AND CONFUSED?!

I am nobody special.  I’m just a guy who believes God’s Word — and who could no longer sit idly by while the world continued the downward spiral to hell — and not DO anything.  I could no longer just sit and listen to a 20 minute “self-help talk” with a few Bible verses thrown in once a week, and then sing “praise and worship” choruses talking about how much God loves us, while ignoring the weightier matters of the law.  As scary as it was at first, I KNEW I could no longer sit there and ignore the words of Christ.  And so the Lord led me to an AMAZING WORLD OF REAL CHRISTIANITY — OUTSIDE the Establishment, Institutional churches.  I met others who have taught me to, as Jesus commanded, ‘GO THEREFORE!”  And though I was shaking in my shoes the first time I joined these faithful Christ-followers on the streets, within about ONE MINUTE of stepping out, all fear was gone.

And every time I have had an opportunity to witness or testify or speak, the Holy Spirit has given me the exact words to say!  The BIBLE IS TRUE, FRIENDS.  It’s not just theoretical.  So I ask you:  what real ministry is getting done at your local Religious Service Provider?  “Children’s Church” with Veggie Tales movies?  Pizza parties and potlucks?  I do not mean to downplay ALL churches;  certainly some do many good works.  But you’d be hard pressed to argue the fact that today, MOST so-called “ministries” never leave the inside of our “Christian safe spaces.”  I have to wonder if God even listens to any of the many fancy prayers recited each week, or the many repetitive “praise choruses.”  I dare say, it’s more likely He “vomits them out of His mouth.”

In all my life of attending church, I have never been so fulfilled, or so FILLED with the Holy Spirit as I’ve been since discovering this TRUE Church OUTSIDE the four walls.  It has literally changed my entire life, physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually.  As an added benefit, the FELLOWSHIP of ministering alongside these like-minded SERIOUS followers of Christ is SO very rich and deep.  It is not at all like what I experienced in the Institutional churches.  We have REAL and powerful prayer times, we have a closeness, like a true FAMILY (because it IS a family, the family of God!)  I have no doubt that I could call on any one of the MANY people I’ve ministered with out on the streets — all throughout the country — any time I needed ANYTHING, and they would all do ANYTHING for me, …and I for them.

I never experienced anything like it before.  In the Institutional churches, “fellowship” meant shallow chit-chat about the weather, sports, or restaurants for a few minutes when the service was over.  You didn’t dare share your true feelings, or allow yourself to be vulnerable, or let it be known that you were ever going through anything spiritually difficult — you just put on that fake smile and shook hands, and acted like all was just fine.

Let me tell you, in God’s TRUE remnant Church, it’s different.  It’s ok to be vulnerable because these are not just friends, they are your true brothers and sisters in Christ.  We have wept together, laughed together, prayed together, and ministered together.  We have served and worked side by side for the glory of God.  There is just nothing like the REAL THING, and I’m so glad God brought me OUT of the phony and into this amazing world of His TRUE, courageous, faithful, servant-hearted followers.  We have many upcoming ministry opportunities in the coming months.  If you’re ready for the real deal, call me, and I can tell you more.  I would love for you to come to discover what I have found.


Audio CDs and transcripts of this message are available when you call me at (715) 486-8066 or email Rob@WisconsinChristianNews.com.  Ask for message number 251.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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