And 300,000 Pulpits Remain Silent

By Rob Pue, Publisher Wisconsin Christian News

I’m about to make a statement that may shock some of you, and perhaps that’s a good thing. My statement is this: Christianity, as an INSTITUTION, is dead in America; it has been deemed good for nothing, and has been thrown out and trampled in the streets. For at least two generations now, children who have grown up attending American churches with their parents every week, LEAVE their faith behind when they grow up and leave home, never to return. And can you blame them? What they experienced growing up in their modern American churches was nothing more than vain, powerless religion. They were given “flannel graph” “Bible Stories,” bribed with candy and prizes simply for attending Sunday School or “Children’s church,” and entertained in every possible way… but they were not given God.

The Communist, Homosexual and ‘social justice’ Socialist agendas have infiltrated our seminaries and Bible colleges, and they have been churning out young new “pastors” who MAY have a head full of knowledge, but the knowledge they’ve acquired is flawed. Their goal now is to make FRIENDS, not disciples. Should they be handed the reigns of a church body to “shepherd,” they first want to be well liked and popular among the people. They desire to be “hip” and “cool,” in hopes of filling the seats with happy followers who ENJOY going to church, because there, they find a comfortable social club, entertainment, good times. PERHAPS — MAYBE — an opportunity to “do good works” and feel good about themselves for that.   Unfortunately, too often, what they do NOT find, any longer, is God.

As far as I can recall, God began to call me into ministry when I was about 8 or 9 years old. The Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart, and giving me some assignments to carry out for the Kingdom that were appropriate for my age, ability and level of understanding. It wasn’t until I was 35 years old that I began full time ministry work. I realize now, that at the time, I had been steeped in “churchianity,” and had a skewed understanding of God and what His true children had been called and commanded to DO here in this life. Over the years, I’ve learned and grown spiritually in tremendous ways. But this, IN SPITE OF, not BECAUSE OF my church attendance or participation. The deeper things of God that I have come to know, I ONLY know NOW because of my own study of His Word, and a deep communion with God and Jesus Christ through prayer and the guiding of the Holy Spirit. AND I was blessed to have TRUE Christ followers come into my life to train, disciple and “coach” me — to force me out of the safety and security and comfort of those four walls and to follow Jesus — FOR REAL. Because the truth is, I was NEVER comfortable with Institutional “churchianity” — I KNEW there was MUCH MORE to it all — and so I’m grateful to God for sending me such teachers, because leaders like that are EXTREMELY hard to find.

Today, pastors are the LAST people in the world who would EVER enter into controversy. They are happy if they can just maintain the status quo, keep everyone content, and never make anyone uncomfortable. This is wrong. That’s not just my opinion. That’s the model we see from EVERY faithful man of God in Scripture; INCLUDING Jesus Himself. Historically, the men and women God called into service were “nobodys” in the eyes of the world — they were just everyday, ordinary people. But they were faithful to speak God’s Word — ALL of it. They called out sin, and they called sinners to repentance; they did NOT just become “accepting and affirming” of ALL people, because they KNEW that apart from God, we remain His enemies. Until we turn to Him in sorrowful repentance and humility, we are of our father, the devil.

Yes, all human beings are created in the image of God. But until we become His children, we are NOT His children. There is no such thing as “universal salvation” for all. Scripture tells us that MOST in this world will reject God, and follow the broad road that leads to destruction. Only a FEW ever find the path that leads to life. If only there were more disciple makers and fewer people-pleasers, perhaps things would be different. God calls us, as His TRUE followers, to comfort the afflicted (with the good news of the Gospel), and to afflict the comfortable (AGAIN, with the good news of the Gospel). You see, the Word of God can be REAL GOOD NEWS — or REAL BAD NEWS for you — depending on where you stand. But God does not change with the whims of men, or with the changing times, and His Word never changes either.

Sadly, today, I dare say that MOST church-goers have never truly obeyed Christ a day in their lives. They’ve never witnessed to anyone, not even their own spouse. They’ve never confronted evil with the knowledge and power of the Holy Spirit. They’ve never been in any situation where lies, falsehoods and deception were being promoted and accepted and been brave enough to STAND UP and say, “NO — God’s Word says this…”

American Churchianity has become all about socializing, about a “feel-good” message, and a happy, uplifting singalong time that is called “worship.” “Prayer” in our modern churches is all about US — what can God do for US? And worst of all, we are NEVER taught or trained to LEAVE the four walls of those buildings and represent God to the world around us. So is it any wonder “Christianity” in America today is so powerless and irrelevant?

Today, the ideologies of Islam, Communism and perverted sex are quickly overtaking our culture. I see no way to turn things around at this point, because as good is called “evil” and evil is called “good,” modern American faithful church-goers simply go along and get along. Scripture tells us we are to have NOTHING TO DO with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather, we are to EXPOSE them — speak up, tell the truth, push back. The “Church” is to be God’s restraining influence against evil in our world. But our pastors have trained us to be “dumb dogs” who WILL NOT speak… in most cases because we don’t know what to say, because in MOST cases, we’ve never been properly trained or discipled. You cannot teach what you do not know.

And so today in our world we have perverted sexuality of all kinds being accepted, promoted and celebrated as normal — in our schools, in our media, in our entertainment, in our public libraries, in our government, in our workplaces, and even in our churches. And 300,000 pulpits in America are absolutely SILENT on the matter.

Today we have a “man” running for president of the United States who self-identifies as the WIFE of his sodomite partner… and people are taking him and his candicacy seriously. He is VERY well liked and popular among the people. Countless cities across the nation hold “pride” festivals and parades and the LGBTQP+ flag has been raised over official government buildings in celebration of the pride of sodomy. What’s more, not only is sexual perversion pushed upon our young children from the time of birth, now we have cities and even states passing laws making it ILLEGAL for clergymen and counselors to tell the kids the TRUTH about all of this.

Today we have more Muslims in public office — from school boards to city councils all the way up to Congress and the Judiciary — than ever before. We even had one in the Oval office for eight years. These Islamic infiltrators are welcomed and honored, even as they openly call for transforming America into a fully Sharia-compliant nation. We also have open Socialists and Communists in our government offices and holding office as judges over us — and they are very well liked and popular among the people, especially the young. And again, 300,000 pulpits in America are absolutely SILENT on the matter.

And today, despite the fact that we have irrefutable proof that life begins at conception, and we KNOW without any shadow of a doubt that babies in the womb are REAL LIVING PEOPLE, we have those who have pushed and passed into LAW what can only be described as infanticide. Now, not only can we legally murder our own children right up until the time of birth, we have those who voraciously advocate for POST-birth “abortion.” We will have officially gone from “no child left behind” to “no child left alive” if the baby killers have anything to say about it. And YES, they have a LOT to say about it! They run the world today, along with the Islamic invaders and the sexual perverts. Why? Because today in America, 300,000 pulpits remain absolutely SILENT on these matters.

When REAL Christ followers, REAL Holy Spirit-filled believers and children of God stand against all these unrighteous things and PUSH BACK against the forces of evil, they are labeled as “radicals,” as “haters,” as “bigots,” “homophobes, “Islamophobes,” as “Right Wing Pro-Life Activists.” I have to ask: when did it become such an outrage… when did it become SO RADICAL to stand up and speak the TRUTH? When did it become SO WRONG to BE that restraining force against EVIL — yes EVIL — that has swept our world off it’s feet and twisted so many minds into delusion and depravity? When did that become so wrong? And ESPECIALLY — why do most of our PASTORS today think of those of us who work to stand up for righteousness and God’s Word and Truth as “radical troublemakers?” What is WRONG with this picture?

Just IMAGINE if a powerful tsunami of revival were to sweep across our land, and just IMAGINE if our pastors in the pulpits were to somehow muster the interest to study and learn God’s Word for themselves and YIELD to the Holy Spirit, and then SOMEHOW muster the courage to actually TEACH THE TRUTH to their people, and then SOMEHOW muster the courage to actually LEAD THEM OUT of the church house to BE that restraining influence against evil…. just imagine that.

How long do you think it would be before abortion in America were to end? If just ONE CHURCH in EVERY CITY in America were to step outside their four walls and hold their church service at the doors of the nearest abortion clinic EVERY week — how long would it be before the killing were stopped forever? Now imagine if FIVE churches in every city were to do that. Now imagine if there were TEN. But sadly, no. There isn’t even ONE.

And what if, instead of continuing to spread the lie that muslims and Christians worship the same god, and instead of accepting and affirming our “muslim neighbors,” taking them at their “word” that all their intentions are good, and that they only have America’s best interests in mind… what if instead of continuing to perpetuate that LIE, America’s pastors were to intentionally EDUCATE their people on the ideology and history and PLANS of Islam for world domination? Not to mention, what if America’s pastors were to TRULY educate their people on the never-changing TRUTHS of the Word of God. How long do you think it would be before this Trojan Horse was rejected, and people’s hearts were turned back to the Father?

And what if — just IMAGINE now — what if SOMEHOW America’s pastors were to muster the courage and risk the possibility of offending someone with the truth — to TELL THE TRUTH about NATURAL sexuality… and contrast that with the devil’s lies and the abomination of sodomy, transgenderism, “gender confusion” and all manner of twisted sexual perversion. What if, when a city council was voting on whether or not to make it illegal for counselors to help sexually confused people, or when they were voting on whether or not to officially recognize and celebrate the LGBT “pride” festivites, or install a rainbow-colored crosswalk or allow a Drag Queen Story Time at your child’s public school — WHAT IF those city council chambers were PACKED with well informed, Holy Spirit empowered CHRISTIANS? Which way do you think those votes would go?

You see, as Christians, we have power, but we don’t realize that, because we have never been taught or trained to use it. Our pastors prefer to remain silent, well liked and popular among the people. They avoid controversy like the plague. They’d rather let people remain happy in their sin and delusion. And yes, I dare say, they’d even rather just let them go to HELL, than muster the courage to be bold, courageous, faithful prophets and shepherds of God. And again, when REAL CHRISTIANS actually DO stand up and push back, these hirelings are the FIRST ONES to call them some sort of “fill-in-the-blank-phobes,” and “radicals” and “activists.”

I once had a pastor try to insult me by calling me a name. He called me a “Christian Activist!” “As opposed to what,” I thought, “an inactive Christian? A pew-warmer? A FAKE Christian?”

If Christianity is dying in America — and make no mistake, the REAL THING IS on life support now — it is only because of the cowardice of those charged with leading, teaching, training and discipling God’s people. Scripture asks, “how will they hear without a preacher?” The answer is, they WON’T — worldly people are NOT going to come flocking to ANY church door — no, not even those that are so “accepting and affirming” of sin — because men love darkness rather than light… even dull, powerless, fake light. The Word of God IS offensive to those who are perishing…. so when we speak the truth, we are NOT going to be well liked and popular, especially in today’s wicked world. But it is OUR JOB, as true Christians to still SPEAK IT!   Yes, we do so in humble, loving ways. But we must NEVER BACK DOWN! We must NEVER compromise on the truth of God’s Word. We are to be the salt and light of the world. Pray for a revival, by all means, because God may yet be merciful and bring one about… but do not be discouraged if you are in the minority. There IS a remnant, but the remnant will ALWAYS be small. As for me, I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back. And though none may join me, still I will follow. Amen.

Audio versions and transcripts of this message are available when you call me at Wisconsin Christian News, (715) 486-8066. Or email Ask for message number 260.

By Rob Pue, Publisher 


PO Box 756

Marshfield, WI 54449

(715) 486-8066


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