Thought for Today 06/23/2021: Lost Sheep – Blame the Church

God is allowing things to happen, and much more is coming


By Greg Holt

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14

(ICB)  The world of today is filled with lost sheep, that is unfortunate but it will also never change.  What concerns me even more is the fact that a large portion of today’s Church is also lost.

We are referred to as sheep for a reason, sheep aren’t that bright and wander off easily, getting themselves into all manner of predicaments.  Sounds like humans doesn’t it?

Left to our own designs, we tend to get into trouble, do stupid stuff, make bad decisions, are easily led astray etc.

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”  Isaiah 53:6

Many in today’s Church have been led astray.  Some have no idea that what they are taught is wrong.  Some have decided that the “new” ideas and teachings are better than the musty and dusty old teachings – you know the ones, the ones that are in the Bible and have been there for thousands of years?  Yeah those.

We don’t need new teachings, we don’t need new ideas.  What we need are pastors that are unafraid of teaching what the Bible (God’s Word) says.  What we don’t need are so-called pastors who teach only what won’t “offend” people.  Unfortunately, most of today’s pastors are more worried about offending someone then teaching the flock all of God’s Word.

Most of today’s pastors are presiding over an entertainment center with a little bit of God tossed into the mix.  Don’t like that?  Nonetheless, it is true.  Worshiptainment, watered down meaningless feel good sermons, and zero expectations from people, that’s what is important today.  Oh, and don’t forget the coffee and donuts.

You see if you teach everything the Bible has to offer us – some (many) will get offended.  When congregants get offended, then the money stops flowing into the collection plate, people leave the church and seek out a more “friendly” church.

This is exactly how today’s Church has gotten itself into such dire straights.  People no longer want to hear what God says, instead they want to hear what man’s interpretation of what God says is.  It’s called itching ears theology.

God doesn’t really say He is against homosexuality.  Sex before marriage really isn’t that big of a deal, and neither is divorce, hey it’s just a piece of paper right?  The Bible isn’t really God’s Word, its just a bunch of stories that never happened anyway – right?

You can live how you want to, after all, you attend church and even help out here and there, so it’s all good right?  As long as one does enough good stuff, it will all work out in the end.  God is a God of love, so no one is really going to Hell correct?

You know God, but you know Him your way, and that’s good enough.  “I know God, so I will go to Heaven,” this despite the wicked life they live.  There are many ways to Heaven, Jesus is only one of them.  Saying Jesus is the only way is arrogant and a bunch of B.S.

Homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders – God loves and accepts them the way that they are, the Church needs to be more “inclusive.”  The Church is too hateful, these people (LGBTQ) should be included, it’s ok for them to be pastors, elders etc.

I have had a lot of the above said to me personally, or heard it said, or saw it online.

People think this way because the Church keeps silent, or worse, the Church endorses it.  Let me tell you – God most certainly is NOT ok with any of this.  Neither is He ok with abortion.

The Church and the people of this nation need to repent of their sins and call out to Almighty God for forgiveness and mercy, as well as grace, peace and strength that only comes from and through God.

The state of this nation and what we do as a people, is exactly why things are the way that they are.  God is allowing things to happen, and much more is coming.  There will be even more natural disasters, at some point the economy will completely implode.  There will be more violence in the streets, more crime, and more killing.

As long as we the people continue to do as we please, ignoring God and what He says, there will be consequences for such behavior.  As long as the Church continues to be silent, continues to teach fallacious doctrine and endorses what God quite clearly condemns, there will be consequences.

But many don’t want to believe this.  Especially here – “it can’t happen here,” this is the U.S.  Wrong answer.

Read Matthew chapter 24 and then tell yourself this isn’t happening right now.

Jesus is coming – are you ready for Him?  You aren’t promised tomorrow.


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3 replies

  1. In this “everything is offensive” society people do not want to hear the truth about anything and especially if it causes them to stop and look within. I believe it is the church at fault but not totally. These willy nilly, let someone else teach my kids, is also at fault with the younger generation. Everyone is so me – me- me that parents are even too busy to bother and we can add generational sins handed down in the mix, too. Its a good post Greg but I think there’s more to it than just the church taking the flack. I agree the church has a HUGE responsibility, no doubt about it, but there’s more to it under the surface and yes, t probably goes all the way back to Adam and Eve.


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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