What Reason is There to Teach/Learn Bible Prophecy?

Bible Prophecy: Why It Needs to be Taught

  • Bible prophecy is the tool used by God to assure us that the paradise we lost will be the paradise we see restored.
  • Bible Prophecy demonstrates and verifies the Sovereignty of God in the affairs of His creation.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that history and the existence of the universe has meaning, purpose, and a goal-oriented direction.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that no one is an accident or fluke in terms of purpose and significance.  Our lives have a meaning, reason for existence, and usefulness.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that even when evil people and situations arise, that God will use them for a reason and role in His plans even if we do not witness the outcome.
  • Bible Prophecy affirms the defeat of the devil and the inevitability of just and final judgment upon the wicked with no exceptions or excuses.
  • Bible Prophecy affirms the promise of redemption from the willful and deliberate rebellion that we brought upon ourselves through the mercy and grace of God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that God will protect and preserve His people Israel, whom He chose as the instrument by which He would bring His Promised Redeemer and Deliverer to them and all humanity.
  • Bible Prophecy is to be taught as a means of encouraging the brethren concerning their future with the Lord Jesus and as a tool for evangelism and to bring answers and comfort to those who are frightened and uncertain of the future.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that the final government of the world is not by the whims and schemes of politicians, kings, presidents, and tyrants, but will be under the perfect, holy, glorious, absolute, permanent, and iron rule of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ forever with no elections, corruption, deceit, and evil actions of unscrupulous individuals ever again.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that we will be reunited with our loved ones in Christ when Jesus returns to bring the true church back with Him to heaven as affirmed by His promises and the authority of His Word.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that the Scriptures are truly the Word of God and not humanity for prophecy is in itself a testimony that humanity could never compose any type of work that confirms our sins and shows us that we are in need of a Savior, and it isn’t us.
  • Bible Prophecy shows that the wisdom, arrogance, pride, and self-assurance we have made into substitutes for God will cease to exist and that we are accountable to Him in the end.
  • Bible Prophecy makes up a third of the Scriptures and to not teach it is to be a poor shepherd and a confession of disbelief in the Word of God.  Either we believe and teach all of the Bible or we assign ourselves as being unfit for the task and leave the church.
  • Bible Prophecy affirms that the righteous in the Lord will be rewarded and will see Him face to face in the glory of the promised new heaven and earth, forever free from sin and death.




YouTube: The Reality City Review (also archived on Facebook, Parler, GETTR, and Rumble).

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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