It's Not Easy Being Green

​Kermit the Frog, here. Years ago Kermit, the only huggable frog (all others are prone to slime and hopping about), sang a song about his amphibian pigmentation problems, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”  [This was before the word “green” had… Read More ›

Revelation Song…

Revelation Song: written by Jennie Lee Riddle                               sung by Meredith Andrews Clothed in rainbows, of living color Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder Blessing and honor, strength and Glory and power be To You the Only Wise King, Holy,… Read More ›

The Story of the Psalms

This is a guest post written by Matthew Knapp. Matthew writes for Seminaries and Bible Colleges, a website dedicated to helping people find the right Bible college or seminary. With the recent growth of mp3s and programs like iTunes and… Read More ›