Work! what a dastardly horrible word!!
I guess if everybody LOVED their jobs it wouldn’t be called work would it?

Do you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, feeling miserable as the weekend closes just thinking about returning to the office, workroom, factory or whatever.

People, whoever they are, find themselves admiring and respecting hard work.

So whether we like it or not, the way we work and our attitude to work says heaps about you as a person; even more than that it says a whole lot more about the One we live for.

The attitude we take to take to work can effect our lives so much – so how do we cope with that terrible boss, that incompetent subordinate or the real nasty co-worker who makes our work life all that more impossible!

There are lots of ‘things’ we can do to make life on the job a little easier and to get out of the grind of eating, sleeping, working, eating, sleeping, working ad nauseam.

Take time out for yourself,  read book, listen to music, jog at lunch or find something that you like to do and do it in your break. Or, there is a better way…

Do you realise that work is part of God’s plan for His people. Even in Genesis chapter 2 we are told that work is the very outcome of creation in the first place – Adam was placed in the garden to work and take care of it. The garden may not have had thorns and weeds at that time but it was work nevertheless and Adam’s job was to tend to it’s every need.

So where does that leave us if we ‘hate’ our job, nothing else on the horizon to seek after and the wage and the people are atrocious?

We can embrace that very problem by actually embracing the job.

Every work day – every assignment – every project can be treated as an opportunity to please God or… we can harbor resentment, hostility, aggression, animosity, unfriendliness and opposition in every single task given to us.

We can do ‘just enough’ to get by, grumbling all the way, or we can work really hard to do the very best we can in the circumstances we have found ourselves.

You know; God has to be glorified in everything we do. The question we should be asking continually to ourselves is this “Will this attitude I have bring glory to God?” “Will what I am about to do bring Glory to God?”

So how do we glorify God? – We look to Jesus – His example was flawless.

See who Jesus mixed with while here on earth. He didn’t complain that his co-workers were incompetent, He didn’t grumble that the weekend was over, that he had to keep going, even to the point of giving His life for us.

To be perfectly frank without Jesus to look to we wouldn’t have the foggiest clue on how to even start to glorify God, but glorify God we must!

Our very existence here is to glorify God – God doesn’t exist for us, we exist for Him.

We were actually made to glorify God.

So when life becomes tedious, hard, and the slog to work seems never ending look to Jesus – He is our most singular joy, our highest treasure and our greatest delight can be found in Him.

No matter what we do – no matter who we are forced to work with – no matter what the pay or conditions, do everything to His glory and to please our God. Not that we HAVE to but that we GET to.

Such a privilege to glorify and serve the very one who gave His life for us. With an attitude of Glorification to God we really can’t go wrong no matter what the world throws at us.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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