Why Sufferers Become Winners

This guest post is written by Mayrose Cid-Luis, you can learn a little bit about her at the end of this article.

A Syrian refugee is pictured at the Al Zaatri refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq
Not so long ago, I met a woman, in her early 40s whom I’ll call Chat (not her real name). She was once a saleslady of a store I frequented and that was how I met her. Her smiles were contagious that one would think she must be reaping a lot of sales everyday. Everyone who goes to that store likes her including me and we became instant friends. Littlle did I knew then that those smiles masked tremendous suffering. This,  I got to know when one day, she was crying while I was paying for the item that I bought.
In between sobs, she recounted  how her employer would verbally abuse her. She would shout at her at the slightest mistake. She would send her for errands without giving her a tricycle fare and  worse,  she would even accuse her of stealing something so as not to pay her monthly salary. The value of the stolen item would then compensate for her salary.  This, she said “was the vicious cycle of her suffering.”
As she was telling me all these, I could feel how deep she was hurting inside and all I could say was to stop the suffering by leaving her abusive employer at once. I explained,  “abuse tends to continue for as long as the victim is present” Not long after, she heeded my advice and is now the boss of her own store.
There are SIMPLE reasons why SUFFERERS BECOME WINNERS and here are some:
1. HUMILITY is the by-product of suffering. In the story above, Chat never fought back. Instead, she remained meek and humble. When one is humble, he becomes a blessing magnet.  For the bible says, ” blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Kingdom of  God.
 Proverbs 22:4 

By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.

2.  Sufferings produce clarity, illumination and direction. Experiencing hardships can result to a better understanding about the surroundings and the circumstances that have caused the pains and sufferings. Thus, it becomes an eye-opener to change for the better. As a result, it leads one to a direction to tread a better or even the best path.
3. Sufferings transform one to be COURAGEOUS. The more the sufferings, the more courageous one becomes. Life itself is a battle ground. And everyone is likened to a soldier, the more fights one encounter, the more courageous he becomes. As a consequence, he is not frightened to fight new battles because he has already mastered how to fight and win.
4. Battery of trials and hardships bring man closer to GOD and the reward is the salvation of his soul. Who says life is easy? Everyone at some point have experienced life’s storms be it big or small. What makes it different from one another is the way it is handled. With deep faith and rapport with GOD, these trials will just die and fade away. When it does stay…KEEP THE FAITH, ANYWAY and hang on to GOD and YOU WILL BE REWARDED.

1 Pet 1:6-9 “So be truly glad. There is WONDERFUL JOY AHEAD, even though you have to ENDURE MANY TRIALS for a little while. These TRIALS will show that your FAITH IS GENUINE. It is being TESTED AS FIRE TESTS and though your FAITH is far more Precious than mere Gold. So when your FAITH remains STRONG through MANY TRIALS, it will bring you much PRAISE and GLORY and HONOR on the Day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole World You love Him even though you have never seen Him. Though you do not see Him now, you trust Him; and you Rejoice with a Glorious, Inexpressible Joy. The Reward for trusting Him will be the Salvation of your Souls.”

5. Character is strengthened by sufferings. It creates a testing ground where one gets the best preparation for any adversity to come. 
“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” 
― Kahlil Gibrane
In conclusion, without sufferings, LIFE will have NO MEANING. For, it is when we experience turbulence in our lives that we learn what  life is all about and in the process we gain wisdom on how to survive and overcome any storms of life that come along and from these experiences, almost ALWAYS we weather the storm and the WINNER in us emerges.

About Mayrose Cid-Luis:

I am a retired Banker and a Registered Nurse at the same time. After a lot of roller-coaster ups and downs that I have experienced in my life, I believe that I have something to share, to inspire, give hope and motivate others especially those who need it most. I only hold a strong faith that the Holy Spirit is using me and I believe God does not call the equipped but equips the called.

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