Don't be Deceived


“Spiritual war is in heaven. Swords clashing, revenge, hatred permeates. The coming of the Lord is evident in the battles of the minds of all who dwell in the land. Some scoff, some doubt, and yet those who are faithful can fall prey to the scoffers and doubters.
Be warned O’ little ones your enemy is deceitful. He will work through others to charm you in their deception. Devious minds are at work and many are innocent in their lack of knowledge. Teach them! Be examples of My love. Let not the lack of knowledge turn them from My truth. All are susceptible to misguidance.
Study, fellowship, pray for wisdom. All are My directives for walking the paths I have lain out for each child of God. Believe My truth and use it to set others free. Free from the bondages of ignorance.
Dust off your feet and journey to the next if stubbornness is evident and closed eyes refuse to open. Freedom cannot be forced. It is a willful heart that listens. Be of good cheer, rejoice, for there are willing hearts.
Pray for My people. O’Israel you are in danger of captivity. Repent and you shall rejoice from the mountain tops. Eternity is near. For all believers shall see the glory, the Almighty.
All knees shall bow but those whose hearts are bowed shall remain, shall rejoice, shall sing Holy is the Lord. You shall fall at My feet, lay your crowns upon the clouds and be as children at the feet of a most loved Father.
Mine eyes shall glitter as I gaze upon My children. My heart shall swell with love everlasting. Be blessed My children for your destiny shall be fulfilled.”
By the Holy Spirit 1-6-08
Ref. scriptures: Is.14:16 – Ez. 28:16-22 – Jude 18-19

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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