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  • To my valued readers,

  • Would you please take a moment and read this letter I wrote inviting people to join us in prayer for our country? Do you maybe not live in the U.S? Maybe you have friends who do and would like to join us anyway.

    Would you please consider joining us?
    We are a group of people who are part of a larger group of groups on

    What is OneCry? We are actively calling out to God in prayer for a revival to happen in our country. This nation has slid so far downhill, God has been taken out of schools, courts and practically everything else! We want God back into our lives, our schools…our everything!

    We are as a nation poised on the brink of a fall, a very bad fall. Either we are going to turn to God because of disasters, or the economy collapsing, political reasons, war, or maybe a combination of many things; or we are going to turn back to God as a nation through prayer and fasting for a revival to happen. Look at the world around you, more specifically our country…it doesn’t look good does it? You need not look any further then the news to see what we have turned into in this country; an immoral, God hating or at least uncaring of what God says, anything goes, I can do whatever I want nation. It’s positively sickening! This is an opportunity to help change that. God does listen to prayer, the more of us praying, the better.

    I need to say here however, that if you can’t seriously commit to praying daily for revival, then maybe this isn’t for you. I’m not doing this to make a big group on facebook or on OneCry or to promote me…forget about me. This is serious and I would like people to treat it as such. Please don’t join just to join. Join us to be a part of this growing movement to bring this country back into the fear of God. He is what matters, not me and not anyone else either.

    Pray about this and give it some thought before you say no. I know all of you are busy, but I deem this to be of utmost importance. This could make a huge change in this country!

    You can find us on OneCry here,
    You will see a welcoming message from me; sign the declaration, join the group, and download the PDF’s and go over them as you can. The PDF’s I’m referring to are, Draw a Circle
    Praying for Spiritual Awakening.
    You can also find us on Facebook here,

    Thank you


    With heavy hearts, we recognize that the church in America is in a state of spiritual emergency. Like the churches warned in Revelation, we have become lukewarm and compromised, and the light of our witness has grown dim. We confess that despite access to more resources and biblical teaching than an… Registered & Protected

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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