THE PRODIGAL – A Short Story – Pt. 1

Gabriel opened his eyes, seeing the room through the blur that remained from his alcohol-induced slumber.

The grey light of dawn seeped into the room through the drapes at the window, showing the worn layer of dirt and misuse that had filled his life for years now.

He closed his eyes again and threw an arm over his face, as much to block out the memory of those years as the light that grew brighter with each passing second.

He groaned, a low rumble that rose up from his soul and pierced his heart.

As the light grew, he opened his eyes again and ran them around the room; wincing at the litter and dust that filled the small room.

Litter and dirt of a different kind had filled his life, his heart, his soul; much worse than that which covered every flat surface of the worn hotel room that he had called home for too many years now.

He forced himself to sit up and swing his feet off the bed to the floor.  The motion brought forth a wave of nausea that had him swallowing repeatedly.

This is a series of posts that come together as a short story by Drusilla over at Drusilla Mott. This is a great story that as yet she has not finished, there are three parts with one more coming next week. Drusilla’s stories are very well written, keeping your attention and leaving you with a feeling of keen anticipation to read the next installment. I am providing all three links to Drusilla’s story here for ease of finding them.
Check out the rest of Drusilla’s site while you are there and let her know you appreciated what you read! Registered & Protected

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  1. Hi Greg. I am so far behind on my blog reading. I have nearly 3,000 waiting in my email – all the way back to March. I only ever get a few minutes at a time to ‘visit’ others before something happens or someone needs me for something. Today I am trying to get caught up and found this right in the middle of those emails (I have whittled them down to 2,696 that still need to be read) 🙂 Thank you for passing my stories on to others. Your thoughtfulness and encouragement mean a great deal. God bless.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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