Granbee’s Critters

Along came Granbee’s critters, all manner of folk in tow
Old Ugly, and Young Bluesey too
With a hoot and a holler, all bounded off
Adventures afar, and love near to thee

Old Stump Woman called
Old Crow did answer, “where away are we to go?”

Mr Jitters did answer
“To the One, to the Shepherd of our souls”
A travel of many, folks aplenty
To Him, to Him…

Critters and folks all striving to go
To the One, our light in the dark
A journey of faith, not of show
A path to rekindle love for all…not a trip for a lark

Now Mr Jitters was a skipping along the trail
Energy to spare, not one to be still
Skipping and bopping, jumping and spinning
Through the rocks and crags ahead

A long walk, with perils foul
A Desperate journey, needs are many
Company was had with critters not frail
Those who dared to take up the journey aplenty

No Dancer, but a Prancer
Mr. Jitters did hop and bop
Down the path without a care
Come one come all, if you dare

Round the corner did Cuddles appear
A cry in the night, heard by all
Jitters and Critters valiant soldiers
Traveled into the dark, braving their fear

To rescue Cuddles, that helpless little dear
Alone and afraid, not a spark of hope
The Critters did perceive, she had a need
A family to love her, friends to set her free

Off to Granbee’s
To continue the journey
Come along and see what happens
Critterville is waiting

Expectations are high
Why not see if you can fly?

To visit Critterville, please head over to my friend Granbee’s site,
There is much there to feed your poetic soul on, a post that is sure to delight! 🙂 Registered & Protected

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  1. GULP–choke, wipe away a tear! This is my immediate response to your post here pointing your worthy followers over to granbee’s journey. I am writing that next post in my head and will publish it either later today or first thing when I start working again tomorrow morning! It will involve waterfalls and wilderness fruit pies and mysterious musical instruments!

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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