I wish…

  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   I wish there was no more war I wish all people would learn to get along with each other I wish love were not used as a word that means nothing I wish Christ was… Read More ›

God so Loved…

God so loved the world He gave His only Son God so loved the world He let His only Son Die God so loved the world He allowed His Son to experience all temptations Jesus so loved the world He… Read More ›

Tears of God

Pouring rain Like endless tears falling from God’s face Tonight it is pouring outside I wonder…do the tears pour from our Lords face? Over the sins committed by us His people Do we ever realize, that our sins hurt Him?… Read More ›

The Cowboys Spirit

He had been ride’n the herd for about three days. Watch’n the moon as the cattle graze. He had spent his nights sleep’n in the saddle. Keep’n calves alive is become’n a battle. His old eyes were weary and needed… Read More ›

Remember Me

The Name of God written in Arabic calligraphy by 17th century Ottoman artist Hâfız Osman. Look up and see Me I am with you always Look not to yourself, but to Me When you are down and out When you… Read More ›

Dragons of Yore

The “Ljubljana Dragon” in Ljubljana, Slovenia An old dragon of yore, born of a great one The great ones of yesteryear, a fable to many Great ones were plenty, in the times of old Great ones were power, great ones… Read More ›

Granbee’s Critters

Along came Granbee’s critters, all manner of folk in tow Old Ugly, and Young Bluesey too With a hoot and a holler, all bounded off Adventures afar, and love near to thee Old Stump Woman called Old Crow did answer,… Read More ›