I wish…


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I wish there was no more war

I wish all people would learn to get along with each other

I wish love were not used as a word that means nothing

I wish Christ was revered by all people not some of them

I wish babies were never aborted

I wish the truth were always spoken in love

I wish churches focused on Christ first, everything else second

I wish all people understood worship is about God, not us

I wish families stayed together

I wish there was no abuse in the world

I wish love of others always came before love of self

I wish everyone would come to Jesus

I wish the Bible spoke to all, and that all would have ears to hear

I wish evil would perish

I wish Satan were a child’s tale

I wish the Truth were accepted

I wish that violence were not a solution

I wish that drugs and alcohol were not self-medications

I wish all the hurting rest and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ

I wish we all possessed faith like a child

I wish all sin were a thing of the past

I wish everyone possessed the peace of Christ

I wish there would be no more killing


I wish for all of these things knowing they will not happen. True complete peace and wellness shall not come until our Lord and Savior comes. So many are lost, and many will remain lost. I cannot begin to imagine a world without suffering and loss, but the Word of God promises just that, so it will happen. One day we will all be in eternity together with the Lord of life…those who believe anyway.

It is my prayer that the hurting would find rest and peace in the only true source of healing…Jesus. It is also my prayer that the lost would be found and brought into the fold.

Imagine if you will the worst Believer on earth, a true believer in Jesus but not one who lives the faith well at all. Now imagine the best, the least sinful person on earth…but this person does not know Jesus. Now realize that the believer is going to heaven, and the sinner who may very well be a better person than the Believer is going to hell because he/she does not know Jesus.

I wish all would come to know Jesus…a life is a terrible thing to waste.

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9 replies

  1. You’re welcome! You too bro! 😉

  2. Hit it out of the park. Outstanding. Praise God.

  3. I know a number of good living people who put many Christians to shame . . . and they are the hardest ones to reach with the Gospel. They know they are a class better than most, so why do they NEED a Saviour? – well, that is their erroneous response.


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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