Hope for the Distraught

The pain in the world, it threatens to overwhelm me
The anguish contained within, it burns deeply at times
I look upon the world, and despair of what I see
A look will tell, a thought confirm, seeds of disquiet are mine

Suffering is part of a fallen world
There are no easy paths to walk

Horrors abound in the world of the prince of the air
He is not good, no not even fair
The evil one cares for you not
Satan is his name lies are his game

I see the injustice and wrongs
I feel the despair and pain
I see a world so lost; seemingly without a care

The world tramples it’s own
People destroy one another for gain
Money is king, possessions queen

Pain and suffering a commodity
Grief is only for the weak at heart

How I long for the end
The end of this life; that the real life may begin
That suffering will end, forever to be banished
Misery will be no more; injustice will be vanquished

If you live in this world, you will suffer
If you follow Christ, you will suffer

If you follow the world you will suffer with no hope
If you follow the world you will lose all in the end

If you follow Christ you will suffer, but the Hope of the world will keep His arms around you
If you follow Christ you will inherit all things

The world is fallen, sick and ugly, devoid of any hope
Hope is however with us yet
Accept not the disbelief of the masses
Accept the divine hope stored up for you

Hope is here, Hope is Jesus

Hold onto this Hope
Trust in this Hope
Hope will set us free from all
Hope will bring the victory

Hope has a name, Jesus

Trust in Jesus, the Hope of life eternal without suffering
Trust in Jesus to walk along side you

Jesus…always cares and never leaves

Casting Crowns: Wedding

There’s a stirring in the throne room
And all creation holds it’s breath
Waiting now to see the bride groom
Wondering how the bride will dress
And she wears white
And she knows that she’s undeserving
She bears the shame of history
With this worn and weary maiden
Is not the bride that he sees
And she wears white, head to toe
But only he could make it so

When someone dries your tears
When someone wins your heart
And says your beautiful
When you don’t know you are
And all you’ve longed to see
Is written on his face
When love has come and finally set you free
On that wedding day
On that wedding day

She has danced in golden castles
And she has crawled through beggar’s dust
But today she stands before him
And she wears his righteousness
And she will be who he adores
And this is what he made her for

When the hand that bears the only scars
In heaven touch her face
And the last tears she’ll ever cry
Are finally wiped away
And the clouds roll back as he takes her hand
And walks her through the gates
Forever we will reign

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6 replies

  1. This is an excellent post Greg. I especially enjoyed the Casting Crowns song. Casting Crowns have become one of my favorite gospel groups.

    Thanks so much for sharing. God blesses.

  2. I hadn’t heard the CC song before . ..thank you. But even more, thank you for what you wrote above it. How we need this Hope and to share Him right now. God bless you as you do that!

  3. We are one day closer . . . . .

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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