A Warning in the Spirit…Take Heed or Perish

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Originally published on Vine Of Life News

Our time is short, more so than many understand. The Church of today is asleep, refusing to acknowledge the grave danger on the very near horizon. Many in the Church carry on as if nothing is happening, and will not happen.

Apathy rules the day, even in the Church Satan has his hands fully immersed. Many will be upset and even insulted by this…it is true nonetheless. The coming of Christ is seen as a still distant event, if even believed at all. Most seem to think that there is plenty of time…there is not.

Many if asked are not even aware of what the Gospel is all about, nor are many aware of what a personal relationship with Christ is all about. Many think they are saved, they are not. This is not written to anger people…but rather to speak the truth. The time for mincing words and being “polite” and not hurting anyone’s feelings is over.

None of us desire to hurt anyone, or be insulting. Yet we do desire to bring forth the truth, God’s truth. The forces of the last anti-christ are rising, forming coalitions even now as I write this. If you are not certain, positive beyond a doubt that you personally know Jesus Christ as Lord…you had better pay attention and stop refusing Him. Today is the day of salvation…you might not get another chance.

Changes are coming and they are coming soon. We need to be prepared for them, or the forces of evil will sweep up many…including some who believe in Jesus. Believing in Jesus is not enough…this will not save you, nor will it protect you. Remember…the demons believe in Satan and are scared to death of Him…and they will not be protected from the coming wrath…and neither will you on this basis alone. You and I, all of us need to have that firmly entrenched belief in Christ…but we also need to have a relationship with the Almighty Creator of all…Jesus Christ. Do you know Him? Is He part of your life, part of your decisions, do you love Him?

Take your wife, or your husband, you do not just love them; you are in love with them right? So do you feel this same way about Jesus? You need to…all of us men, woman and children. It is through this relationship that you will be protected through what is coming.

Many in the Church think they will not experience anything bad. Oh really?? Tell that to those who are sitting in Iranian jails, tell that to those who are to be executed because of their faith in Christ. Tell that to those who have had family members killed before their eyes…because they would not recant their faith in Jesus Christ. These things are happening more and more…and these crimes are spreading throughout the world. This will come to the US as well…things are happening here already.

The forces of evil are at war and we Believers are the targets. Woe unto you if you are caught unprepared. Just look at what has happened with gay marriage…this is only the beginning far worse is coming.

Being a true follower of Jesus will mean that you are a hater. You are scum…this is beginning to happen even now. All religions are tolerable…unless you happen to be a follower of the Way…Jesus Christ. Then you are intolerant and hateful. Those who only “know of” Jesus…will likely fall away and be consumed and caught up in the world…when the world turns against them.

These are not my words; this is all in the Bible…God’s Word makes all of this clear to us. The world hated Jesus first; it will hate us as well.

To survive…a strong faith in Jesus is needed. If you don’t have this, now is the time to call upon the Lord. Stop messing around and putting it off…get serious about your faith and live it. If you do not, you will reap the consequences and those consequences will be serious. 

This is not a game…it is deadly serious. If you are on the fence, get off! The time for being serious is now, right now. The Lord is trying to get all peoples attention…He is calling out to all who will listen. Unfortunately…many will not. Many will be asleep at the wheel thinking they are safe…and it will be to late. PLEASE do not let this be you.

Those who teach…had better be warning the people of what is coming. Any of us who do not will be held accountable. Those who are currently misleading their sheep will pay a steep price…and this is happening in many churches today. If you post on the Internet about Christ…you are teaching whether or not you think so. You will be held accountable for what you say, and for what you do not say.

The time is coming, and will soon be here. You will be forced to pick a side…choose wisely choose Christ. The power of evil is all around us, and is increasing. For a time evil will be allowed to win…but the final victory is already decided. Jesus Christ is the undisputed ruler of all, the giver of life. Be certain you are on His team.

God bless you all and strengthen you, may His tender mercies be anew each day for you. May you experience His peace, as you obey His voice.

Greg Vine of Life News

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7 replies

  1. Amen, Greg. What you’ve written here is nothing but the truth. God bless you for posting this and for telling the truth..because time IS short.

  2. Those that are willing to are the Christian soldiers to continue the works of Jesus. Right now the devil’s army is surrounding many Christian countries around the world. Those who are agnostics and atheists are blind to the growth of evil. You are exactly right on the sense of urgency to WAKE UP! When Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini started their blood thirsty vision of Satan’s world it was the world at war II. Do you wonder why the citizens of Egypt in poverty and oppressed came out to depose their leader? They see the threat in their own land. Jesus cannot defend our world for us, or do our work to save our future for our children! St. Michael stand with me and those ready to fight against the forces of evil. You have heard the word of God, and keep spreading His Word!

  3. A great big “Amen!”
    Great to read such truth in print today, when there is so much opposing the Truth.

    We are one day closer! May every blood-bought, adopted child of God awaken and use every opportunity to reach others before it is too late for them.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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