Vision of a Torn Veil Between the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions

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Commentary by:  Gordon King

I had a vision.  A vision of a veil between the physical world and the spiritual world.  I saw the veil being ripped open, letting evil and demonic spirits enter into the physical dimension.  I could see the effects that these spirits are having upon the earth.  Evil, hatred, murder, violence, destruction and disaster.  I could sense their excitement at what was coming in our near future.  I could see that the veil was torn open and that it could not be repaired.  I could sense that the “Tribulation Period” would soon begin, that our time is short.

The world, the earth, the physical dimension.  We live in a physical reality, a reality composed of both time and space.  But is that really all there is?  Do we live just to be born, live to survive, then die?  Surely there must be more to life than that! 

Well, there is much, much more to life than that.  We were put here for the glory of God.  We were created as God’s children.  To live for God, to live with God and for his glory.  Yet things went terribly wrong when Adam and Eve sinned against God.  Humans have suffered ever since their fall from grace.  God’s grace upon them. 

We all are born into sin.  We all have sinful natures.  This is a result from Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden.

Life since that time in history has been about reconciling ourselves back to God, back with God.  Seeking God out, finding God, repenting of our sin and asking God for forgiveness.  That’s what it’s all been about since the fall of man.

I am not going to go into too much detail here, but it is in direct correlation to Lucifer and the other fallen angels who followed him in his wicked and evil ways.   One third of the angels in heaven followed Lucifer, also known as Satan, Beelzebub, and the Devil.  Satan was the one who tempted Adam and Eve in the garden.

When we look around us in our physical world we do not see Satan and his demons (fallen angels).  They do not appear to be physically present in our world.  But, I beg to differ.  They are present in our physical dimension.  Yet, there is a thin veil separating the physical world from another dimension, the spiritual dimension.  This is where Satan and his angels dwell.  They do however, manifest themselves in the physical world and play an important part in the evil and wickedness that is now occurring in our society. 

The veil which separates the physical from the spiritual has been ripped open.  Although the demonic spirits have always been able to cross  over into our world, they are now present in larger numbers and force.  At this time the veil is only partially ripped.  Soon the veil will be completely ripped open and the evil forces will have complete reign upon the earth and it’s physical dimension.

We have seen it in the sky: asteroids, meteors, solar flares, and UFO’s.  We have heard it in the air: strange loud noises, blasts, and metallic shrills.  And we are seeing it manifest in our populations: animal mutilations, mass animal die offs, zombie attacks, heinous murders, explosions, crashes, wicked and evil increasing, increasing persecution, be-headings, and violent crimes against the innocent.  All of these things occurring are not a matter of coincidence my friend.  They are the manifestation of evil, wicked and demonic forces/spirits.  They are the signs that the end is near.

There are many people who can sense these evil spirits.  They can sense what is coming.  While most of the world sleeps, the wickedness shall increase.  Each and everyday brings us closer to the “Rapture of the Church”, the “Tribulation Period”, the “Abomination of Desolation”, and “Armageddon”.

God has a plan for each and everyone of us.  A plan of salvation and eternal life with Him.  To live with God in eternity.  To see God, to walk with God, talk with God, and to live for God!  It will be a time like no other.  A time and place which we cannot even imagine it to be.  It will be real, we will have physical and immortal bodies.  There will be cities and nations.  We shall worship God.  Can you imagine walking into the New Jerusalem and speaking with Jesus?  How great will that be?!  It will be better than it was in the days of Adam and Eve before their fall from grace.

But, first you must accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Our time is short folks.  It could be today, or it could be two years from now, I don’t know, but I do know it is getting very close.  You may die tomorrow in a car accident, or from a heart attack.  You just don’t know.  Don’t wait until you don’t have a choice. 


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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