When God Shows Up

We know deep in our hearts that God is with us all the time – He never lets us go as we have been banging on about in heaps of our blogs over the years – God’s promise that He is with us and He will hold us through the darkest of times is probably THE most precious promise that I have ever encounted in my whole topsy turvy life.surprised-1327192_960_720
But when God shows up in the middle of nowhere in the middle of hurt and floors you with his presence it can sweep you off your feet that He is actually here with you – the ever-present God – the “NOW” God – the ever-faithful God.
I was floored recently when God challenged me personally about things in my life that I had taken so much for granted as being ‘just me’ things that I felt I couldn’t possibly change – things that had been with me for so long and been part of my very makeup and personality.
Then God showed up!
The God of the impossible showed up out of nowhere and changed me yet again to make me more like the person He wants me to be.
The 360 degree turn around can often make our heads spin and  a ” Oh my goodness look what God can do” sort of tsunami affect on our puny lives which we may have thought were travelling along pretty well.
Then God showed up!
You know our God is a portable God – He is with us all the time – it is just that we don’t often acknowledge that fact or even trust that He can change our lives to the degree that He can.
Emmanuel – God is with us is the very name God gave JESUS at His birth – why do you think God the Father gave such a name to his only Son – why? because that is exactly what Jesus is – HE IS WITH US! God with us – JESUS!!
In the middle of NOWHERE the shepherds heard the glad tidings of the birth of Jesus – In the middle of NOWHERE Moses stumbled upon a burning bush which in turn changed the face of Israel forever – In the middle of NOWHERE Abraham was promised he was to be the father of a great nation and In the middle of NOWHERE Philip boarded a chariot carrying an Etheopion official and overwhelmed him with the good news of the  coming Messiah.
In the middle of NOWHERE God can change you as He has changed so many – Do you believe this?
God has been with us all along – He is here – He was there when we went sailing along on our own – He was there when we almost gave up – He was there when we lest expected him to be – He was there when we got bowled over in temptation – He was there in our doubts and confusion and He is here now just waiting for us to open our eyes and see who and what was here all along!
Our God is the God of the impossible – When he shows up in our lives He can change us and change us for good.
God has been with us all along – He will never ever leave us but it is always in His timing not ours! It will be in His timings when we get blessings seemingly out of nowhere.
I have come to a point in my life where I actually look for blessings from God knowing that He is indeed a God full of surprises and I know He will literally bowl me over with the “Out of Nowhere” scenario.
It is really interesting and really amazing that He can bring our very destiny and blessings out of nowhere! When everything appears against us – even ourselves in our fallen state and in our weakest faith times when our doubts and temptations get the better of us – out of nowhere He can bring us into a fulfilling and maybe even the brightest times of our lives.
How many times have I asked myself and have heard many people ask when things go pear-shaped “where is God in this?” Thing is – He is always here – He is not passive – He is active with a capital A”.
God often works in the background but He IS there moving in the most unlikely and amazing ways.
Start looking for God in the everyday – in the mundane and the ordinary. He is there and He will sustain you.
God go with you this week.

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  1. I love your idea of looking for God’s blessings. We have to be so intentional about this – otherwise we forget what he’s done, and doing.

    • Thank you Alison for your comment – so appreciate your encouragement – Yes I so agree with you that we should keep looking for and praising God for His many blessings to us – God bless you as you minister for Him

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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