Tiny Buds of Faith


“The seeds planted by those who believe are as seeds that sprout in the spring. Tiny buds of faith begin to shine through the darkness. As cared for, fed, watered, and looked after their tiny stems grow stronger, taller, and able to withstand the storms that threaten to bring them down. The vine is strong, the branches shine in the strength of that which is the Root. The blossoms appear to reveal the glory of which is was born.

Come ye all children of God. Let your blossoms radiate the love and life to the world. Let not the cloudy days of life spoil your beauty. For the sun shall shine again. Let not the heart of which you are crumble with stress and adversity. His purposes are great and the Mighty One shall sustain you through the trials.

Be on guard for evil is on the horizon, closing in to the back door of those who live in doubt and fear. My ways are not your ways. For Mine are greater, broader, and for the benefit beyond what you desire. Let My will be done. Mine shall prevail.

Take not the trials and tribulations to those who know Me not. For they shall guide you in worldly ways only to bring you down. Bring forth the faith that I have given you. Let your praise lift unto My throne. Let not your focus turn from Me for the enemy shall capture your gaze. Come out of the forest of lies and deceit and reach for the heavens which hold the Most High.

Your blossoms shall shine with the dew of love and all shall see the glory of the Root of all who live in the presence of the Lord. The song birds sing, the wind blows across the land bringing freshness to the air. Washing away the stagnancy of a cold winter day where the animals hibernate. And the sun begins to shine, like believers climbing the hill tops, shall enter a world not from sleep but to a new world of love, laughter, rejoicing, and praise.

Let your flowers, your heart blossom in the light of the Son. Know that He is your heart and with each beat it is a kiss from God.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 3-16-07

Scripture ref’s: Jn. 15:5-8



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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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