His Truth Shall set you Free

“The moon shall rise, the sun shall set, there are few consistencies that are set. The Lord in heaven does not waver. His truth shall set you free.
Take up your swords O’ warriors of God for the enemy prowls about like a hungry lion. His teeth are bared, his eyes aglow, for the time is short for his hunt for food. He lives on lies and deceit and those who are not on guard will be devoured like a gourmet meal.
Take up your swords O’ children of God for the enemy wants your children. Teach them in the ways of the Lord so they will not be devoured. The time has come when many shall perish. Pestilence and famine are in the wind. Fear not O’ children for your destiny is secure.
Many shall perish in the future of mankind for they know not the eternal consequences of their actions. Those who follow the worldly ways, who scoff at those who have accepted the Most High through His Son, whose death and resurrection set them free, shall never see the Garden of Eden, the gates of heaven, and those who passed before. Their destiny is sorrow, grief, and pain.
O’ God be merciful to them. The time is near when nations shall gather together to war against each other. To come against My land, My people, only to die in their efforts.
Take heed O’ nations for you are doomed. Your sins shall see you through the jungles of eternal hell. Beware for I, the Lord God, the Creator of all things shall bring you to your knees only to proclaim how great you are and the sword shall drop leaving your blood to soak the ground.
Destruction is on the horizon and your armies are as ants on a hillside, only to be trampled in the dirt by My Mighty foot. Walk lightly O’ nations for your destiny shall be as lost as children in the desert. No direction, no purpose other than your fall.
My people shall rise like the sun on the early morn. Their brightness shall overpower all who come against them. My faithful shall see the glory of the Lord and bow in heavenly anticipation. Let not wars, the pestilence, the violence divert your attention from the eternal things, for your reward is in heaven.
Pain, sorrow, and grief shall be heard across the lands. It shall echo off the mountains, it will carry into the valleys, for My wrath will roar deafening the ears, bringing tears of regret.
Repent ye sinners for My hand shall lift you, drop you as though picking up hot coal. My fingers shall burn as My wrath engulfs all those who rely on self, who reject the blood of Christ and scoff at the Cross of Calvary. Your sins shall bring you shame. They shall darken the halls of all existence.
Repent and the light of Christ will brighten all that you do. Obey His commands, trust Him with all you have, for His wisdom is greater than yours.
Go into the country sides. Search the trails, the hills, the valley’s O’ My children for the time is short for those who are lost to turn to He who loves them. Reach out in love to the East, West, South, and North for all shall see His coming. Go in faith for My blessings are with you. My light shall guide you as it did with Moses. By night My light, by day My cloud. My presence shall be as close as your breath. Breathe My words to all who will listen. Those who turn away are fools. Dust off your feet and leave them in their ignorance, for deaf ears do not receive.
Be blessed My children for you are as a sparkle on glistening waters. Your ripples of love shall spread and become the lasting joy of all who listen. Follow Me and I shall cover you with My presence. Your words shall be My words for lives depend on it. Go forth in love My loved ones for your faith shall carry you through. Go in peace in heart and mind for I am with you.”
Given by the Holy Spirit 12-27-06
Scripture Ref:
Hab. 2:2 – Ez. 32:12, 32:32, 20:40-44 -Joel 3:10- Nahum 3:18-19 – Jonah 3:7-10 – Is. 31:21, 51:3

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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