I Am Your Salvation

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“The people are not ready for the King. Their eyes are focused on man who can do no good, for man is but a fleeting twig in a desert. The dry bones of years past have taught man nothing. Eyes are to be opened to look heavenward yet they are blinded by the sight and blinded to all that is yet to come.

Man looks for answers yet his eyes are closed to truth and victory of the One who died upon the cross. They see not the agony of the blood drenched body. They see not the agony of a spear in the side of their only hope.

WAKE UP! Destiny is at hand. OPEN YOUR EYES people of Judah you are being led by those who are as blind and deaf as you are! I am the I AM and your silly traditions do not bring salvation.

WAKE UP! My children are heaven bound yet you cling to false hope. I am your Salvation. You shall go to your graves not knowing the freedom of the One who shed His blood.

WAKE UP! My children you are being led by an enemy of Christ. The enemy is ignorance, a lack of caring, a want for only those material things that shall lay in the dust at your departure. WAKE UP! Eternity has begun.

WAKE UP! Your Salvation holds His breath as a child at Christmas in anticipation of what the gift holds. THE GIFT is Jesus Christ. WAKE UP! Open your eyes and see the glory of the God. Stop hoping for something that is not there for man can give you nothing that is lasting.


Given by the Holy Spirit 10-18-06

Scripture ref’s: Ez. 34:1-6 – 2Peter 3:10




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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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