My God is MIGHTY

What does it mean when people go on about How MIGHTY God is? I know what mighty means but really what does it mean to say My GOD is MIGHTY?
When we just stop for a moment and try to grasp the sheer enormity of just how MIGHTY God is, we can’t help but be thunderstruck by the fact that He is indeed an AWESOME God – and I mean AWESOME in the real sense of the word.universe-1044107_960_720
God is so mighty that sometimes His very presence can be terrifying indeed. We stand in awe and wonder as to just how mighty and majestic He is!
The very mighty power that raised Jesus from the dead and conquered the very forces of evil and vanquished satan to wallow here on earth trying desperately to convince man just how sinful and dreadful are his sins, is the very mighty power that saved you  – that changed you!
When we grow in Christ the changes in our lives become more and more evident – where once we condoned even loved to sin now we are intolerant even hating sinning, cheating and whatever else comes between our saviour God and us.
All this is through the mighty saving power of Jesus – the very one who plucked us out of the filthy pit we dug ourselves and enjoyed being in. There is no such power greater and more consistent and faithful than the power of God.
God’s very majesty and power are so evident – you just have to step outside in the middle of a storm and feel the rain against your face or watch the thunderclouds gather and see the lightening. He is MIGHTY indeed! When you think as you stand there in wonder that there is nothing really between God and you – you can almost just get a glimpse of His might, His power and even His face – He is that close.
God controls everything in this world and these natural marvels are a vivid reminder of God’s awesome majesty, might and power. When I take the time to watch an incredible sunset – or see HUGE waves crash onto the shore – I am overwhelmed by the sheer force of His might. That couldn’t possibly have just happened or evolved! God’s creative power at work!
God could have made this world a purely functional place but instead He filled it with marvellous beauty which in turn mirrors His majesty and MIGHT!
His might brought the world into existence – His love and might saved our souls through His grace. The fact that God loves us anyway, even though we have nothing really we can offer back to Him is amazing and worthy of praise.
Another thought while we are thinking of His mightiness is that He is so mighty and awesome that he is worshipped by the multitudes in heaven itself! The heavenly hosts praise Him – giving Him honour and glory for all that He has created – If the very beings in heaven fall before His throne in awe and wonder then how much more should we also fall before Him in worship?
Just think back over your life for a few minutes. Reflect on the ways that God has cared for you, protected you and blessed you. He showed mercy when we rebelled – He forgave us when we often couldn’t forgive ourselves!
He has genuinely given us unconditional love and blessings!
Our God is a MIGHTY God: Our God is a glorious God – Turn to Him now – accept Him into your life – give Him one hundred percent: Give Him the praise and worship that he deserves.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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