Bring Forth the Truth of His Word


“Go out unto the nations. Bring forth the truth of the Most Holy One. Jackals are at the gates hungry for unsuspecting prey. Let not the choices of the world hinder what He who is Mighty has deemed.

Prophecy has been spoken by those who God anointed, those who have spread the gospel of truth throughout the land. Bring forth the truth of His Word for time is of the essence.

Give His words to the lowly for their only hope is in Him. Can you not see the sky, the moon that hovers in the night? Darkness fills the hearts of many hindering the Light from entering. Let His Light shine through you My precious ones. Drill a hole of truth through the armor encasing others. Let not false armor so many wear discourage you in giving the truth of His Word.

You are precious in My sight. My love abounds to the ends of the earth and beyond. Take up  your swords for the end is near and all who are left when the clouds display His glory shall be lost forever to the one who sits at the doors of hell.

Spoken words do not always penetrate the armor of distrust, false belief, and self wisdom. Fools sit on their throne of power with no light from above. My children let My light shine brightly. Choose those who will lead My people in truth and justice. Heavens gates swing wide for all who wish to enter. Hell’s gates are not there, for no one is refused.

Welcome signs hang loosely on the edge of darkness and bring false hope, desires of the flesh to the path that leads away from truth. Those who live in darkness shall remain in darkness without the spoken, accepted, received, and confessed.

Children of God, you are My vessels of hope, liberty, of the truth. The love of God shall shine brightly across the land when the sage brush, tumble weeds, and death are covered with the light of His love.

Life returns bringing the growth of all wisdom, love, compassion, forgiveness, and eternal salvation. Walk in the light of the Son of God and your hearts will be set free. Come close to the Glorious One. Sit at His feet. Throw your crowns, lift your faces, and praise His Holy Name. Eternity waits, He who sits on His throne awaits His children to be greeted and loved for all time is yours. “

By the Holy Spirit 5-21-07

Scripture Ref’s: Ez. 21:4-10 – 1Sam. 26:21 – Ps. 100:4, 139:17  – 1Jn. 1:7

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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