The very first time I had ever seen REAL snow was when I was a young father and we holidayed  way over in the Australia’s snowy mountain region in lower NSW.
It was there, and I might add at the beginning of a blizzard, that we took the chair lift to the top of the mountain with the two kids.lake-1781692__340
The chair lift only held two at a time, so we decided that our eldest child – Mr two year old, Danny,  went with Mum and I was left holding our one year old, Rachael.  As the chair lift came and whisked them both away. they seemed to be having a wonderful time with Danny squealing in delight.
Then suddenly it was our turn. The guy handling the lift said “Don’t look down” and quickly grabbed Rachael while I scrambled on.
All I remember of that journey up that very steep mountainside was a screaming baby and I mean SCREAMING – she was so frightened of that guy grabbing her she became hysterical.
I tried valiantly to put the seat belt around us both as she tried with all her might to get off that thing and get to her mother – I had no option but to look down as I used every ounce of muscle to hold that wriggling child in that chair.
Never was a father more glad to be at the top of a mountain in a blizzard – thankfully there was a restaurant there and as we sat there looking at that white out with the wind blowing and snow I was just so grateful to have my family – it was such a touch and go situation.
All I could think of during that time was WHOA!!! such a long way down with the snow so deep and wind blowing –  if we fell there would be no way we would ever survive let alone be found!
As I sat in that tea house for a few hours and waited till the worst of the storm had passed with the little ones warm and playing I was just so grateful.
The words of the guy on the chair lift kept coming back to me – DON’T LOOK DOWN  – I have often wondered about those words and just what he meant.
I guess it was the sheer drop and all that snow and wind I suppose it could  really overwhelm you as it did me – all I could think of was to keep my little girl safe and get to the top as soon as possible.
It was during that time that the Word of God came to me in a clear and special way.
I hadn’t been walking with God – I had just been way too busy – I was paying off a mortgage and working my butt off trying to get a hold of our finances, while Sue was busy being a full time Mum.
I guess in lots of ways I was looking down – I used to go to church but as far as making a commitment to God and giving my life over to Him – no way! – I was far too busy!
As the years went on I have never forgotten that special day – I ended up making a total commitment to God but I must admit it still took me a quite a few years.
Focusing on Jesus is the only way to counteract all the things that happen to you through this crazy life we all seem to live – Sue was diagnosed with cancer and again the only way we seemed to be able to cope was to focus on Jesus.
Just recently we were the victims of a fraud which amounted to quite a bit of money.
It was a trying time yet we got through it – it took quite a while and the only way we coped was to focus on Jesus.
Our youngest Grandblessing is undergoing tests as I write this blog to determine just why she has these absence seizures, which only last seconds, but still a great concern. How do we cope with that – to keep focusing on Jesus
There a few things we can do to help us keep focusing on Jesus – Prayer and getting into God’s word is essential to keep our attention drawn again and again to Jesus the very one who gave His life for us.
The other thing we need to do is to trust God – I know it is often easier said than done but I have proven through our blackest times that trusting in God and keeping our eyes fixed on Him, who alone has the ability to see us through whatever it is we are facing. We still may have to go through it BUT God will see us there on the other side.
A full commitment and the beginning of a relationship with Jesus manifests itself in a deep down peace which I can’t possibly explain except to say that concern for what you are going through is still there but somehow the foundation of your relationship sort of keeps you going and strengthens you to face the troubles ahead.
One of my dear friends and one of my supporters Felicia Galey from Lubbock Texas, suggested I include a music link in this blog to assist in the message that I have been given by God – well here is one from one of my very favourite groups – SELAH
Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus
God is waiting to welcome you – Just like He welcomed me even though I had strayed away for almost fourteen years. Turn your eyes on Him and focus on Him alone – you can be changed for good for ever.
God go with you this week as you focus on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.

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  1. Love Selah and love that song.

  2. Like Peter when he tried walking on water: as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, he walked. When he took his eyes away from Jesus and looked at all the “trouble” he was in, he began to sink. Looking again to Jesus, and calling out, brought his focus back where it belonged, and Jesus was there for him.

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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