Turning Failures into Victories

I shared a few months back about the kids book called THE COW TRIPPED OVER THE MOON – based on old nursery rhyme. 
Written by Tony Wilson for his son Jack, it tells the story of how the cow tried so many times to jump over the moon and failed miserably every time – but the thing is she kept trying until amazingly she succeeded.cow-48494__340
The message I was trying to get over in that particular time was perseverance – the cow never gave up – this month however I have gleaned yet another message from the same book and that is how we can turn our failures into victories.
The moral behind this funny but poignant children’s book is to keep going and keep starting over no matter how many times you seemingly never seem to hit the mark that you wanted to in the first place.
Have you ever had to start over and felt you can’t possible do this?
Keeping that in mine I was thinking as I write this blog how few things are more traumatic than saying goodbye to close family and old friends that you have known for years and a place you have called home.
Even the most adventurous among us get’s knots in our stomachs at the thought of starting over.
Making new friends, learning a new job, finding a new church and getting familiar with a new area – can cause stress and trigger all sorts of nervous conditions.
The ‘UP’ side of course is being able to make a fresh start – a clean slate – a brand new beginning that can offer us all sorts of delights – we can even ditch a bad reputation if it comes to that!
Jesus’ amazing sacrifice on Calvary that dark but beautiful day made a way for us puny humans to find the miraculous gift of God’s on-going forgiveness as long as we have accepted that forgiveness and traded in our old life with all of it’s foibles, frailties, revenge-seeking and anger.
Believing and trusting in God teaches all of us that a new start is constantly available and possible with Jesus by our sides.
Unfortunately forgiveness is not perfection and making a new start as a follower of Jesus can be an on-going struggle and there will be many times when we have to come back to the cross asking for forgiveness and repenting and ‘starting over’ with God.
With God we have a constant supply of “new starts” provided to us with all love, mercy and grace from an all-giving, all-consuming God – provided of course by our own personal encounter with the living and ever-saving Jesus Christ.
One of the satan’s greatest weapons against us is tempting us to believe the lie that we are too sinful for God. Everybody makes mistakes, and some mistakes are bigger than others. But no sin is too great that God can’t or won’t forgive it.
It’s truly magnificent that a ‘new start’ with God can liberate you and me from the powerful hold that guilt and fear and yes! even memories of failure or how you ‘used’ to be can have over our frail humanity!
The Bible is full of stories about people who were antagonistic, even openly rebellious toward God, but humbled themselves, repented and were forgiven.
Whatever sin you may have committed, true repentance that comes directly from the heart can bring you back into a relationship with God – no matter how bad or serious that sin may be.
Of course we all are governed by the laws and we may have to pay the price humanly speaking for actually breaking the law of the land, but in God’s eyes a true repentant sinner, saved by His amazing grace is forgiven if we come to Him in true humility and earnestness.
The promises of God as described in His Word as “new every morning” (Lamentations 3: 22-23) sort of says it all as far as I am concerned.
The very nature of God through His grace and never-ending mercy, gives us all the perfect way to make our failures into victories – awesome and amazing is our God!
So instead of giving up or thinking that the situation is hopeless, turn your life back to God and earnestly seek His forgiveness. Jesus’ sacrifice has covered your sin and mine and He is waiting to accept us back with loving arms.

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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