Evil as ‘Entertainment’

If one can entertain people, then one has the power to alter their thinking


By Greg Holt

(ICB)  It should come as no surprise to those who see a little further, and look a little deeper than the carefully crafted and presented imaginings known as entertainment – that said entertainment is often anything but.

Hollywood and it’s leftist rulers along with others whose minds are aligned alike have known for a long time now that entertainment is not only a vehicle to riches, but also a subtle avenue to influence.

Although today, the attempt to influence, or change peoples thinking is anything but subtle; more like totally in your face and holding a bright red flag while screaming at the top of it’s non-existent lungs.

Just look at the so-called entertainment offerings out there:

The Netflix series Lucifer – hey the devil isn’t such a bad guy, he just wants to get away from Daddy (their word not mine) and have a good time, live it up and be one of the boys you know?

The Netflix movie that was near to child porn, Cuties – which is anything but cute.  Very young girls in sexually suggestive poses, dancing etc., one apparently exposes her breast according to CBN News.  DISGUSTING.

How about the Supergirl series that was nominated for an award for its portrayal of, now get this – a lesbian relationship?

The CW series was nominated for best dramatic TV show for its story featuring Leigh’s character, Supergirl’s adoptive sister Alex Danvers, realizing her long-denied attraction when she encounters Lima’s police detective Maggie Sawyer. 1

Homosexuality is highly prolific in today’s entertainment, and there is a reason for this, especially with the younger crowd, including of course kids.  This is also the case in schools, from kindergarten up to and including college.  What reason is that?  Indoctrination.  It’s perfectly normal to have a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex, to marry them, to have two mommies or two daddies etc.

Disney, the traditionally family friendly entertainment company is now anything but friendly, unless your definition of family friendly is founded on same sex relationships.  A few years ago Disney cancelled a Christian music festival that had been featured every year for 30 years!  In place of wholesome (mostly) family entertainment etc., Disney has moved hard left and supports the LGBTQ.

In 2015, Disney the parent company of ABC decided to develop a sitcom based on a homosexual activist/X-rated gay sex columnist – despite high pressure not to do so.

Currently, the Disney Channel features a hit show called Andi Mack, this popular show geared towards kids/teens features an openly gay character exploring his homosexuality. 2

It has become and rather quickly I might add, difficult to find a show that does not embrace and contain scenes supportive of homosexuality and lesbianism among other things.  This is all meant to influence people, to change the way that people actually THINK.  That’s pretty serious, not to mention scary – but what is worse, these efforts are working.

Just look at social media for instance – gay sex?  No big deal.  Do you hate cops?  Totally cool.  Violence used to make “change”?  Perfectly acceptable.  Burning down buildings and looting while “demonstrating”?  Go for it.  How about the practice of doxing?  Lets do it.  (Revealing personal info for reasons of revenge or to otherwise cause harm.)

Doxing (sometimes written as Doxxing) is the act of revealing identifying information about someone online, such as their real name, home address, workplace, phone, financial, and other personal information. That information is then circulated to the public — without the victim’s permission. 3

If you present ideas while at the same time keeping the watcher entertained, then you can change how people view things; you can in essence alter their thinking.  Hence all the offerings out there focused on the LGBTQ – it’s called normalization.

Social media has slid into this powerful pseudo family of deep influencers as well.  Forget politics, think what you like, and support who you will, this article isn’t about that.

It’s high time people wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.  Entertainment is a very powerful and legal form (also VERY effective) of brainwashing – especially among children.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.  Parents need to understand this, pastors do as well, along with school boards, ministry leaders, educators etc.  There is not nearly enough focus on this topic.

This is far more than just the LGBTQ however.  There is also the school of thought that it’s ok to hate America.  School kids are routinely taught that America is not the “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave,” but rather we are the land of haters and oppressors.  The bigger problem here?  Many kids and adults too believe all of this nonsense.

One celebrity after another is accused of sexual misconduct, from sexually suggestive images sent via cell phone, to unwanted and often aggressive badgering and unfortunately rape.  This is happening with increasing frequency too.  These people are not just pranksters, or people with a juvenile attitude, or “exploring” themselves etc. – these people are dangerous.  Worse yet, many of them think themselves entitled and even untouchable.

If you seriously think that the entertainment world is offered up to you on silver platter so that you may indulge yourself and be entertained – you are seriously mistaken.  Yes the Hollywood moguls want you to be entertained because said entertainment gets your attention.  The reality however is far different; movies, TV, books, music, etc., is most often used to change/alter the way in which you think.

Children watch a movie that they like, and will do so repeatedly.  If there is a message in this movie subtle or otherwise, they will likely catch on (kids understand FAR more than most adults realize), say for instance the message that two mommies is perfectly ok and normal, these children are quite likely to believe it.

Adults watch all manner of things on the tube, and most are an all-out assault against the family.  How many times have you stopped to consider that TV, movies etc., are in large part responsible for changing the way people think, the way that people view things?

Take all of this and add in as I mentioned social media, and also the so-called news (Masters at manipulating the public).  Now consider modern day concerns like:

  • Covid
  • Mask mandates
  • Loss of your rights for not being vaccinated
  • Lockdowns
  • The silencing of Christians
  • The portrayal of people on the “right” as un-America and evil, not to mention as being possible terrorists
  • The U.S. Constitution as being a “living” document
  • The extreme corruption in government (covered up largely)
  • Voter fraud
  • Criminal “rights”
  • America the bad

The above list could go on, but you get the idea I’m sure.  This isn’t a left or right issue, what it IS, is taking back our lives, our values, our country – from those who would see us destroyed, whatever their reasons.

America is being stolen right out from under us all.  If we don’t live by a moral code, honor the family (mom, dad, children), place value on the truth, integrity, freedom, the Constitution, and the law (I’m going to dare to add here the FACT that all lives matter), there WILL be an end to America – at least the America some of us know and love.

If you don’t believe this any of this, if you think I’m spinning up some propaganda, or that I have a wild imagination, then please go and check out the Roman Empire and any other nation-state that no longer exists.  I will tell you what you will find: a serious lack of morals, little to no belief in God, evil is good and good is evil, anything goes (kind of like here in the U.S.) etc. – with the end result being that, that particular “society” faded into oblivion

Then come and tell me I’m wrong.


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