Why I’m not God

I see a city, a country, a world; suffering many ailments
I want to fix it, heal the hurts, and comfort the wounded
I want to make the hurts go away, now

I see good people, who do not know God
Some of these people will assuredly not see heaven
In my heart I want to change that

I see the child of a broken home
I see the ravages of divorce
I see the pain of uninvolvement
I want to bring healing to these broken people

I see countries and peoples whom hate one another
I see religions that cannot abide one another
I see hate fostered in so many
I want to undue this plague

I observe hearts breaking; others severely tried
I see the evidence of much heartlessness
I want to the hearts of the heartless; mend the broken hearted

I see pain repaid with pain
I see vindictiveness spread wide
I want to reach out; and replace these with love

I see a world reaching out for vileness
I see people chasing what does not matter and does not satisfy
I want to show them the Truth

I see people so filled with bitterness
I see others who cannot forgive
I see those who care not for others

In my wisdom, I would solve these problems now you see
In my wisdom I would do more harm than good
In my wisdom the world may well be worse

My Father has a plan, far better then my plan
My plan for me did not even work; let alone the peoples of the world
My father has a plan, a reason for all

Our God has the answers, all the answers
I wish I understood a little more
I wish that my wisdom were but a little higher

I must trust in my Lord
Wisdom is His
Our good is in His hands

I could not make the hard calls
The tough decisions would find me wanting
Yes it is good; I’m not God

I will leave The Job to the One
I will gladly be not in charge
Yes I am glad, that I am not God

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  1. ‘Tain’t it so, Brother Greg! So wonderful that we CAN leave it to God and His wisdom. Let us pray to continue in submission to His will.

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