It's Remembrance Day in Australia

What is Remembrance Day? – It is celebrated (If I can use that word) by Commonwealth Countries to remember our armed forces who have died in the line of duty.
It is a special day first observed on 11th November to recall the end of the World War 1 when hostilities formally ended on that day at the 11th hour.
So it is a special day for all of us – not only for the Aussie Diggers of the two great wars but for all wars and all soldiers in all countries who have paid the highest price.
War is an abhorrent evil – and one where we all stand united in hope and prayer that all wars will cease.
We have other memorial days here as well and another special day observed in Australia and New Zealand is our ANZAC Day – we observe this day like Remembrance day.
What is ANZAC Day – well for those outside of Australia ANZAC stands for “Australia, New Zealand Army Corps” and ANZAC Day is a special Day commemorating the landing in Gallipoli of Australian, New Zealand and Allied forces in World War 1.
Hundreds and hundreds of Allied soldiers died on the rocky shores fighting against the Turkish army of which they really were outnumbered and fighting an impossible to win battle.
They were ordered by British Generals to the Gallipoli shoreline which was so steep as to be almost impossible to climb – but climb it they did – that is those who were left and not killed as they left their boarding crafts and became ‘sitting ducks’ for the Turkish forces on the headland.
There they stayed for weeks on end holding onto just metres of gained territory and there are many many stories from Simpson and his donkey to friendships forged in ‘no-mans land’ with the Turkish army.
Gallipoli has gone down in Australian History as one of the most significant battles in our history and every year of the 25th April, hundreds of people turn out to dawn services, which was the exact time the troops landed on those fateful shores almost 100 years ago.
Most Australian cities have parades and marches to commemorate all those who did their part in protecting our fair country
Again hundreds of our people make the pilgrimage to those same steep rocky shores in Turkey to honour our brave soldiers.
Most Australians have stories to tell about ANZAC day – not only about World War 1 but about all the following wars and battles since – all these wonderful people have given or been prepared to give their lives for Australia.
Personally I remember two special men who survived the war only to succumb to their wounds upon arriving back home.
They were brothers by the names of Arthur and Ernie Bailey. I was taught piano by one of their widows – the two elderly ladies had never remarried and both were childless .
As children we referred to them as ‘Mrs Arthur and Mrs Ernie.” Mrs Ernie taught me music and she used to talk about her husband and his brother and say how that when she passed away there would be no-one to remember them.
Well, that was a long time ago and we as a family still remember Arthur and Ernie especially on ANZAC Day.
It was a great privilege for me to see my 11 year old grandson at the freezing dawn service last April 25th laying a wreath on the cenotaph and with head bowed remembering the sacrifice of brave men and women who paid with their lives for our freedom. Registered & Protected

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4 replies

  1. Amen Bruce.
    I am thankful to all who have served to defend the cause of freedom for any free country. Without the sacrifice of those who were willing to give all…we would not have the freedoms we do. Freedom is NOT free.
    Happy Remembrance Day
    Inspirational Christian Blogs thanks all veterans everywhere for their service to country!

    • Thank you Greg for your comment – It’s sort of a sad day – but a blessed day as well – We can’t help but to be proud of our Diggers achievements. – God bless and keep you.


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