ObamaCare is Not a Mistake – Just a Glitch!

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Written by Lyle Rapacki

Got your attention didn’t I?  Actually there is no mistake in the title proclaiming ObamaCare is Not a Mistake – Just a Glitch! ObamaCare is the Law, and the Marxists in elected offices all over the country are delighted; albeit, embarrassed over the celebrated roll-out of their long awaited (50-years in the making) land mark legislation to remake America into just another European-style socialist country.  Remember when Hillary Clinton tried this same deception years ago with husband Bill…HillaryCare didn’t have the sex appeal as a cool, youthful, unknown, first-time Black President who promised the young of America all sorts of free stuff on a silver platter if they would but just follow him without question.  They did!  Many “mature” and enlightened Christians did, too.  Oh…and let’s not forget those Christians who were so spiritually-minded to not vote in the last election because Romney was not a Christian.  Some 15-18-million Evangelical Christians chose to not vote for that reason; now there was wisdom and discernment! I wonder where we would be today if those 15-18-million non-voting Christians, voted?!  Even the “time-honored” tradition of Democrat Ballot Stuffing would have been hard pressed to beat those numbers.  But I digress.

ObamaCare is the well-planned program to appear magnanimous to all by Marxists who have finally been able to come out from the shadows in full regalia with Obama and crew.  Make no mistake to what is happening before your eyes; strong Communist ideologues who despise America in every manner are in positions of power and have long awaited their self-professed destiny to destroy this Nation.  Those placed in positions of great and far-reaching influence at the highest echelons of our government have promoted an illusion to the masses, but in reality, behind the curtain, they have not deviated from their purpose to transform America into a broken country incapable of exerting much positive influence any longer in the world.  ObamaCare is but one platform by which they intend to accomplish their goal.  The wolves are in the pen, and the sheep are in real trouble.  Marianne Bernard, who also authors columns for Vine of Life News, wrote about this in one of her recent articles: “Should Christians Be Concerned?” (Posted on 11/01/2013)   Christians should be concerned because the fundamental transformation of not only this Nation but the church at-large is taking place, even by the same crowd who push the levers of secular politics.  Man is quickly becoming no longer willing to listen to sound teaching but only to have his ears tickled with niceties as the apostle Paul forewarned (I Timothy 4:1-2).  The church as a force for good, a source of light to an otherwise darkening world is being neutered much like our Nation’s military, economy, culture, heritage, and values.  All of these happenings also are part of the orchestrated agenda to recreate America into a country it was never intended to become by those who despise Christ and the foundations of this once Judeo-Christian Nation.  Followers of Christ need to find their collective voices NOW!  Those who know and declare Yeshua (Jesus) as Lord need to buckle around their waist the Truth of the Gospel and begin declaring it clearly and unashamedly, put on the breastplate of God’s Righteousness, bind their feet with the Readiness that comes from the Good News of God’s Word, pick-up the shield of Trust in the One who will allow you to extinguish the flaming arrows of the Evil One, strap the helmet of Deliverance on your head, and then grab the sword of the Spirit of the Living Lord – El Gibbor (the Almighty God).  The wolves have been circling the yard for quite a while, kept at bay on many occasions, but now have boldly come into proximity with sheep who still have no clue as to what to expect. Stunning!

With the advent of full implementation of ObamaCare comes the gateway to the New-World Order (yes, this is part of the diabolical hidden agenda with the nicer named Affordable Health Care Act).  ObamaCare is purposefully intended to destroy our country’s economy, our country’s insurance and health-care industries and the myriad of related businesses associated with both, impose restrictions you have never known (employee hours cut to less than 30-hours per week), gather personal information in ways and depths you cannot imagine, wreck financial havoc on families, and bring severe divisive tears to the very fabric of our culture just to name a few examples.  Those implementing this agenda have intentionally derailed any reasonable discussions by those who oppose this Marxist plan; they have promoted hatred and even bigotry, and they have successfully scared many into silence.  

The many absolutely embarrassing glitches associated with the introduction of this Marxist program may be laughable to some, but it remains a moment (I believe presented by God) to show scores of folks they have been seduced.  Misled with utter misrepresentation of details, this is a moment to shine light into a dark cavern and expose the evil lurking behind smooth words, glitzy slogans, and empty promises; much like the total of the Obama Administration from January 20, 2009.  

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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