The Angels Rejoice


“Run My children, run to Zion for the Lord will meet you there. His glory will fill the heavens, His light will guide your way. Look up, look up for the stars shall be your pathway.

O’ children of God how special you are. The angels rejoice as the people of heaven sing praises to My name. Seek ye the kingdom of God for that is where your heart should be. Raise your voices in praise for eternity is at your feet. Feel His presence all about you as the sun glistening on the water’s edge. Dip your feet in and let His love rise within you.

Rejoice O’ children for your Lord is near, near as the leaves on the trees branches. Speak out to those who listen not, for your words may not fall on empty ears. The seeds you plant can grow in fertile land but you do not know which may be fertile, waiting for the right seeds to fall upon its soil. Be not discouraged by those who turn away for you never know which seed remains and which falls to the ground. Call out to God in those times of despair for they shall be many in the days to come. Lift your voice to He who loves you, who created you for His eternal purposes. Let not fear hinder your journey for your God has lain the path.

Ye who think your ways are right, yet know not the statutes of His Word, you are fooling yourselves at the expense of your souls. Selling it for the cheap jewels of like.

Wake up O’ people of God, look around you and see the dry bones that walk amongst you. Give them My water, feed them My food, and watch as the bones become flesh. They shall rise like the dove out of the forest and fly to He who holds their future in His blood stained hands.  His lips will smile as He embraces their war-torn bodies. The war of living can be cruel. Theirs, and yours, only hope is in the blood of Jesus.

Let not time disappear as fog on a sunny day. Bring them with your pain, with all that has led you away from He who will love you through all that you lay down at His feet.

Be warned O’ sinners for time is short. All will stand before their Maker. Let not your eyes bow in shame when you bow before His Presence.

Lift your voices O’ loved ones, rejoice in Him. Let your love shine like the stars in dark places. Be My light for them for I am your light. Be merciful to those who hate you for they are in darkness where My light is most needed.

Come ye who follow My Father for His arms are opened wide. Sit with Him upon the throne for He has invited you there. Fear not O’ children of God. His love will carry you through. His eyes are upon you in caring love. His mercy shall pour out like waterfall’s in the mountains. Pooling with love, waiting for you to bathe in His glory. Step out in faith, take His hand for it is He who keeps you from drowning. His love flows as the blood through veins, His heart is filled with love for all who He created. Let not the world hinder that flow, for rocks within a well will slow the flow.

Blood, His blood will cover the ground as the sand along the shore. Scoop your hands in and fill your hearts. Let not His love slip through your hands.

Take heed My children for the days are short, lead those who know Me not to the gift of Salvation. He waits.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 12-5-06

Scripture Ref’s:

Ps. 37:5, 73:2, 3:5, 4:6-7, 103:17 – Prov.3:5-6 – Is. 52L7 – Titus 3:4 Ro. 8:39 – 1Jn. 4:9


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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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