Sacrifice is Living for Christ

New Year:Be My Vision

“There are those who believe they are living the life of Christ. They believe they are sacrificing when they are not. Self sacrifice is Jesus on the cross not an hour in church instead of a boat ride on the lake or giving up a ball game on T.V.

Sacrifice is living for Christ.

Putting self aside to do His will no matter what that may be.

Many think they hear the call of God only to serve their own soul desires. Let not man put his own desires above He who created them.

Sacrifice is more than words.

It’s a heart desire to do as He commands. Love one another as He loves you, put others above self, and give as He gives. He blessed each yet there is no appreciation. Many see not the blessings He pours out on them. Many give credit to humans yet humans cannot do what He can/does do. Blessed are those who walk in His ways.

There are times ahead that will try the most faithful, tests to weed out the weak. Those who stand firm shall be rewarded. Those who fall shall be condemned. Let the strength of the Lord hold you up. Let His love carry you through.

Wars are on the horizon. Let peace dwell in your hearts. Destruction shall permeate the land. Let His wisdom guide you. Human wisdom is folly as you shall witness in the coming days.

Soon, My children, soon. Let not your leaders fool you with their rederik. They serve not the God of heaven. Their purpose is power, there is no power except the power that comes from above.

Stand firm on His Word. Accept nothing from those who seek self-satisfaction, greed, and recognition. They shall fall by the wayside for they know Him not. Be not impressed with fancy words for He is truth. Be on guard for false prophets abound. The wolf is on the prowl. Let not your soul be his feast.

Living the Christian life is sacrifice.

Sacrificing for His love, His grace is sufficient to meet your needs. His love is given freely but many think they have to earn it so they try to sacrifice. “Try” is the operative word.

Sacrifice is given out of the love for the One who deserves your love. Be not confused. Love is a sacrifice, true love, for true love puts others first. Go in peace with God’s love written on your hearts for it is only His love that shall carry you through. Be blessed.”

By the Holy Spirit 10-2-09

Scriptural ref’s: Mt. 10:42 – Mk. 9:44 – Col. 3:14-16 – 2Cor. 12:7

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  1. This is wonderful. For the start of the year, my church took communion. I love taking communion. It reminds me of the same thing your article talks about, the meaning of sacrifice. Jesus shows us what ultimate sacrifice looks like. The bread as his body, and wine as his blood, I am reminded of the sacrifice I should be committing to each and every day. It’s something we should yearn for to be closer to Him. Thanks for posting!

    • Hi New sister in Christ: I just read your “about” and welcome you into the blogging world but more importantly into the family of Christ. I also became one of your new followers.
      The Lord our God asks only that we love Him, trust Him, and obey Him. We cannot do one without the other. That is our sacrifice to Him. He gave His life for us and we are to give over our lives to do His will. That isn’t always easy but is possible if we truly commit to Him. God bless you in your journey with Him and thank you for stopping by my blog.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words and warm welcome. I will definitely be stopping by your blog again. Your messages and scriptures always seems to align with questions I have or wisdom I need. Thank you for blogging!
        Do you have any books, information, or good sites about fasting? I am interested to learn more, but I want to make sure I am guided in a way that will help me grow spiritually. Thanks!

  2. Wow. I love this so much, it is so true! 🙂 thank you for sharing!

Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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