The Angels Rejoice

“Run My children, run to Zion for the Lord will meet you there. His glory will fill the heavens, His light will guide your way. Look up, look up for the stars shall be your pathway. O’ children of God… Read More ›

Repent, Repent, Repent

“Repent, repent, repent Thus sayeth the Lord your God. Bring ye the sins unto the cross where only the blood of Jesus can rectify your deeds. Let not stubbornness hinder for that shall cost you your life, eternal life as… Read More ›

The Light of God Reaches Out

“Darkness, no light, the horizon yet unseen. Black streaks permeate the darkness, only the howling wolves can be heard. Stillness fills the air. The smell of death lays heavily across the land. One star appears in the distance, blackness surrounds… Read More ›

Take up Your Swords

“Awake O’ people for your demise is at hand. You shall see the destruction of the land. The wolves shall howl, the jackals run with nose sniffing the blood stained land. Your sins shall bear only fruit of evil. Your… Read More ›

Woe to those…

“Woe to those who come through the teachings of false teachers, false prophets, for they shall not see the kingdom of God. They are blind, deaf, and dumb. For they do not have the Spirit of the Lord within them…. Read More ›

Arm Yourselves

“Fools. Oh how those who turn away and those whose hearts are made of stone, what fools they are! My people shall not perish! They are of Me and Mine and no devil in hell can change that for once… Read More ›

Tiny Buds of Faith

“The seeds planted by those who believe are as seeds that sprout in the spring. Tiny buds of faith begin to shine through the darkness. As cared for, fed, watered, and looked after their tiny stems grow stronger, taller, and… Read More ›

Is God Displeased?

“The penalty of sin is death. Those who are promoting, agree with, supplementing the great sins of the world shall die a death that none want. The Lord your God is displeased with how the nations are ignoring His words…. Read More ›

Repent you sinners, repent.

“…Repent you sinners, repent. For the Lord Almighty is beckoning. Repent all who have followed the paths of destruction. Repent all who have followed the evil ways of the land. Repent all those who have hatred and bitterness in your… Read More ›

The Lord Blesses

“The Lord commends and blesses those who follow His footsteps. His grace goes throughout the world to all who believe. Follow your Lord Jesus Christ and you will be blessed in ways you will recognize as well as in ways… Read More ›

Sheep or Warrior?

          or     “When those who refuse to turn from their sins there is a price to pay. It is society that allows the leaders of their countries to take control. They shall follow like sheep or stand as warriors… Read More ›

Bow at My feet

“All ye who think you are wise, bow at My feet and your foolish wisdom shall be revealed. Man has no wisdom other than man’s wisdom which is filled with folly and foolishness. Bow at My feet and I will… Read More ›

Man is just fools

“Man is just fools for they think they know those things only the Lord Almighty knows. What arrogance the humans have! They know not the decrees of the Lord yet profess such knowledge only to show their ignorance. Watch, wait,… Read More ›

The Secrets of God

“The secrets of God shall be revealed to all who follow Him. His word is truth and those whose heart is open to Him will receive. Let those who doubt, those who do not believe open their hearts to Him…. Read More ›

His Grace is Sufficient

“The truth of My Word is being distorted amongst My people. There is no truth except the truth of the Almighty One. His truth is everlasting and He changes not. Many are being given versions that come from human logic…. Read More ›

The Jackal's Await

“Many tears shall be shed for the world is a fallen world. Those who know Him not shall cry for eternity. They do not realize the gravity of their choice. They choose darkness not Light. The Lord God Almighty sheds… Read More ›

He who has Ears

“He who has ears, listen to My words. I am about to bring My wrath upon this country. There are many who believe yet many who do not and the evil one is running rampant amongst you. It’s time to… Read More ›

Prophetic Messages

by Neil Anderson November 22 Jeremiah 23:29 “Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, and like a hammer which shatters a rock?” If you attend a Christian fellowship where prophecies are part of public worship, I wonder if… Read More ›