The Light of God Reaches Out


“Darkness, no light, the horizon yet unseen. Black streaks permeate the darkness, only the howling wolves can be heard. Stillness fills the air. The smell of death lays heavily across the land.

One star appears in the distance, blackness surrounds it but the glory of its light penetrates the coldness, the everlasting darkness of hell. For only one light can shine through. Even darkness cannot hinder it. The light of God reaches out seeking a heart to enter.

Cold, black, un-relentless sin throughout the nation leaves the land, sea, sky black in sin. No one cares, no one reaches out through the pain of their own survival to seek those whose souls are buried in the travesties of life. To each his own is what they say and the howls and screams of death rise and echo across and beyond the oceans of life.

No one cares that people lie lifeless in a stupor of ignorance. Those who speak out, if any do, are hushed to silence and told not to make waves. The seas churn, waves reach higher and only the coyotes lift their voices. Howls of pestilence, screams of terror are heard coming from the darkness of hell.

Come ye O’ children of God. March forward for the Star leads your way. Look not to the right or to the left for your path has been set. Follow the Star as never before. The darkness closes in. The sands beneath the oceans waves shifting, stirring.  Even the fish move nervously about for their radar speaks of changing currents. My children are moving to higher ground. Safety is My call. Follow the Star and ye shall be safe while others are swept away. Return to Me and I shall return to you is My cry and falls on deaf ears.

Repent ye sinners for the seas shall not part. Take your hypocrisy, your doubt, fear, and unbelief to the cross for the waves of destruction is at your heals. Join the army of the blessed ones who march with purpose and glory as their light. Darkness surrounds you, swallows you, takes you to places yet to be revealed. You won’t like it but you’ll not escape it. Your faith, confession, and forgiveness sought shall save you.

Repent ye who think they’re wise for your wisdom is fool hearty. You know not the wisdom of God and all other is silly. Follow the Star My children of faith, your steps are secure and step lightly for your feet set the pace for others to follow. Bold steps frighten some, softness, as in a whisper raise the heads of others as listening to a soft sung song and wanting to hear the words. Some must shout for deaf ears do not want to hear, yet the sound resonates and cannot be stopped.

Speak O’ little ones, let your voices be heard. The Star shines brighter as the truth is told. Your words and songs light the sky leaving darkness on the edges. When your words and songs stop the darkness ebbs back in. The wolves howl, the seas roar, and all who are lost, are lost.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 7-1-07

Scripture ref:

Jn. 1:4-5, 9-12 – 2Sam.23:4 – Is.58:8 – Rev. 22:16

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Luke 21:36 "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

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