Hinduism: We Are All Divine

Western thought began in ancient Greece where men like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle saw that the universe had a plan and purpose. Eastern thinking says everything is temporary, changing, unreal, ephemeral and our perceptions of the world are misleading and… Read More ›

The Big Picture

Looking at the big picture can be both comforting and scary. When we are dealing with the affairs of our lives, we must have an idea of what we are dealing with, to make an informed assessment of the big… Read More ›


      by Neil Anderson Ephesians 2:4-6  God . . . made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, in Christ… Read More ›

The Two Adams

      by Neil Anderson March 1 THE TWO ADAMS Romans 5:18  So then as through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men. The… Read More ›