God’s love


Joe Long killed a man in 1941. The Great war was horrible, terrible and to put it bluntly a bloody slaughter for all involved. To top it all off the 2nd World War was even more terrifying then the Great… Read More ›


Dear Reader,                  
                                                                      The Lord laid on my heart the distinction between “I WILL” and “I AM WILLING” so I want to share my thoughts with you. God can do all things.  He… Read More ›

God Loves YOU!

You have probably heard this over and over, that it no longer penetrates into your heart. It’s hard to be moved by something when you don’t feel it. There are moments when hearing isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need to… Read More ›

Selfless love

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Love is an awesome thing. We all desire love and to be loved. Love has a not so good side to it as well. Why do we love, what is the reason behind it? Many things are… Read More ›

A Prayer

Heavenly Father, I pray you would grant me the strength to make it through each day. Lord I cannot live this life on my own…I so desperately need you. Strengthen my arms…and guide my steps. Show me the path I… Read More ›

You Are Not Alone

“…I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.”—Matthew 28:19 (Message Translation) What do you do when you are feeling all alone? Far too often, for far too… Read More ›

“Make every Effort”

For the reason that we have escaped “the corruption that is in the world” and have been allowed to “share in the divine nature”, we are to “make every effort to supplement [our] faith with goodness, goodness with knowledge, knowledge… Read More ›