Walking with Christ


The thorn in my side Daily reminds me of my weakness Is not His strength made strong in me for His glory? The thorn in my side Keeps me humble and dependent on Christ Who better to lean on? The… Read More ›

Acceptance With Joy

If SORROW and SUFFERING have been your companions as of late, don’t loose hope, they will one day be transformed into JOY and PEACE. These are the names of Hannah Hurnard’s companions who travel with Much Afraid to the High… Read More ›


Surprise!! Ever been taken completely by surprise? It can be an amazing experience. Life itself can be a surprise – our plans and dreams can come crashing down in an instant – all it takes can be some sort of… Read More ›

Camouflaged Christians

Have you seen them? Shhh…..Look very carefully. They are there, very well-blended into their surroundings…into the world…so well camouflaged in fact that no one can tell the difference. They are the “Camouflaged Christians”. God’s Word gives several warnings against blending… Read More ›