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  • Victory in Jesus

    Its amazing isn’t it how often we can read something and re-read it over and over again yet miss out on the point that it brings. It was so for me when I read in 1 Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks… Read More ›

  • God IS in the detail

    You know ~ our God is amazing! The older I get the more and more I see His hand in everything I do and all creation around me For years and years now I have struggled on and off, trying… Read More ›

  • About Face

    I have been reading just recently in 2 Chronicles chapter 33 about one of the amazing turn-arounds mentioned in the Bible. It’s well worth reading for yourself and to take encouragement for those of us who have family and/or friends… Read More ›

  • The Illusion

    Everyone has heard of Harry Houdini – the greatest escape artist in America, if not the world. A man who performed before crowned heads of state and U.S. presidents. Some of his escapes are so difficult no one has dared… Read More ›

  • God provides

    Been reading through Jonah this week and all I have to say on this matter is WOW! How God speaks though this amazing book and how much love as He got for His people. Right at the very beginning of… Read More ›

  • Hand it over

    Just recently I was chatting to a friend of mine and we both agreed that so often we take our eyes off the goal. We know how important it is in life to have goals and to set our boundaries…. Read More ›

  • He's still out there

    Appalling news from Nigeria. This week while worshipping their Lord, hundreds of people were killed when the roof collapsed in their half built church. When I heard of this horrible tragedy, I couldn’t help but think back to the ancient… Read More ›

  • It's not over yet

    Oh! I wonder just how many times I have struggled with me myself and I saying to me myself and I that “You won’t get past this one?” – “You have done it now” – “You have gone beyond that… Read More ›

  • My God is MIGHTY

    What does it mean when people go on about How MIGHTY God is? I know what mighty means but really what does it mean to say My GOD is MIGHTY? When we just stop for a moment and try to… Read More ›

  • Abandonment

    Did you ever experience being lost as a child or left at a pre-school or kindergarten without your Mum – horrible feeling isn’t it. Separation anxiety is a real problem – a feeling of abandonment or rejection. Do you remember… Read More ›


    WOW!! what is pride? Took a good look at some dictionaries and here’s what I reckon is the best definition I came across:- “High or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority whether as cherished in the… Read More ›

  • Temptation

     Satan is a pro’s pro when it comes to temptation. Look at the strategy against Jesus. Remember, Jesus hadn’t eaten for 40 days. So Satan attacked what he assumed would be Jesus vulnerable area. He tempted Jesus to turn rocks… Read More ›

  • Plans

    Have you ever realised that God has a plan for your life? Yes you! Our great God the Creator of the universe – the one who hung stars in space and surrounded our magnificent world with all sorts of incredible… Read More ›

  • Resting in Purity

    Do you ever wrestle with feelings of guilt and unworthiness? I know I have. Have you made mistakes from which you can never seem to recover? Are there blemishes on your record that just won’t go away no matter how… Read More ›

  • Wolves in sheep's clothing

    In our Aussie chat through Twitter on a Wednesday night we have been studying “The Sermon on the Mount” and we have all learnt/learning so much – God is speaking in very real and amazing ways to us. My last… Read More ›

  • Worrying

    Corrie ten Boom wrote the following in her “Clippings from my Notebook”. A journal she kept. Corrie and her sister were imprisoned by the Nazi’s for hiding Jewish people from the inevitable slaughter in World War 11. “Worrying is carrying… Read More ›

  • Denying what is Plainly evident

    Denying what is Plainly Evident   Going through our bookshelves this week I came across the Family Bible and once again sat intrigued by the history of it all – the underlined passages by people long gone the little notes… Read More ›

  • A new look at STRUGGLES

    I hate struggling – I just wish life would go along so smoothly and that everything just fell into line like it should and there was no real problems to face – no one being hurt – no family breakups… Read More ›

  • Follow your convictions

    Feel like a failure?  Ashamed to follow Christ? The accuser is Satan – he is the one who not only tempts us but he accusers us night and day. Praise God for the Holy Spirit – the advocate who is… Read More ›

  • It's all in the game

      Facing opposition? Facing temptations right at this moment?  Feeling frustrated because you have fallen yet again? Aggravated with yourself because you have once again let God down? You know Jesus has been there before you – He has struggled… Read More ›

  • When everything seems like it is failing

    When life throws us out and makes us feel like everything we have done has been so worthless. When all around us is failing and we are losing our friends, our confidence and our security. When we feel like God… Read More ›

  • Suddenly

    Suddenly things can change Suddenly life can throw us a curved ball Suddenly our life as we know it can be over! I didn’t realise just how suddenly life can end until this very week when our neighbour and friend… Read More ›

  • The idol of "ME"

    I used to think that I was so rid of idols in my life! Or so I thought!!! What is an idol anyway – I have heard it explained that an idol can be anything! In fact an idol can… Read More ›

  • Sometimes we have to drop the curtain

    How amazing is communication these days – we have everything at our finger tips – just recently there was a huge debate in our home as to what computer our year seven Grandblessings was going to take to High school?… Read More ›

  • To Submit or not

    Peter was an amazing apostle – a Man who knew Jesus – a Man who was named by Jesus as THE ROCK – what an awesome name – THE ROCK!! Jesus said of Peter – “Upon this ROCK I will… Read More ›